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Encountering Symbols in Nature Connected to the Solstice

Experiences submitted by Karim El Bazi.
Experiences submitted by Karim El Bazi.

On the morning of the solstice sunrise a group of friends and I celebrated the summer solstice event by performing a ceremony together, based on the information Belsebuub gives in his work The Path of the Spiritual Sun where he explains some of universal symbols of nature and life.

An Eagle and a Snake

When the celebration was over two friends drove me and my friend back to our house. When they dropped us off one of them pointed out a low flying eagle passing just over the car. They drove away and only my friend and I were left.

Moments after that the same eagle rose up from out of sight, and I saw that in its beak…. it held a whirling and curling snake!!!

I’d never once seen this in person before in my life and yet right there, at the time of the summer solstice and having just done a ceremony featuring this symbolism, this occurred.

This experience didn’t have a dramatic impact or anything like that when it happened. Yet to me I couldn’t help but feel that there was an unmistakable nod of the divine demonstrating their presence at that time.

For example Belsebuub describes how at the summer solstice the forces of Father, Mother and Son (also represented by the eagle, serpent and the sun respectively) unite fully for the return to the absolute source.

A Scarab Beetle

A day or two after, still around the solstice time, some friends and I were having a little spontaneous picnic in the afternoon. We lacked proper cutlery and my fingers ended up being a bit sticky from the food.

All of a sudden a beautiful scarab beetle landed right on top of my finger. That’s peculiar I thought, as it had never happened to me before, but it made me remember something I read on the symbolic meaning the ancient Egyptians attributed to this little creature.

From what I remember: How just as the sun ‘rolls’ across the sky during the day, the scarab beetle rolls its ball (of dung) across the desert plains just before sunrise, and was therefore associated with the sun, as a solar symbolism.

Unlike some other insects I didn’t really mind this little fellow. It seemed completely aloof and unfazed by anything around him. Just focusing, in it’s own beetle-like way, on cleaning the food on my finger. 🙂

I’m generally fairly skeptical by nature. In the astral dimension the direct personal experience of events confidently assures me of their source. In the physical, while I feel there’s also a lot of divine help as well, for me this can be more difficult to objectively perceive, but these little occurrences in nature representing symbols from the solstice ceremonies I had seen within just a couple of days and that happened during that exact special time of the year made me feel like they hinted at a higher influence in physical life from above.

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  • Very conspicuous events to happen near that time of year! Thanks for sharing Karim. I love these types of occurrences and think that they do allow nature to act as a conduit to communicate higher knowledge. Indigenous peoples see the lessons in nature at all times, and I think the more aware we can be, and the more in tune with nature and the movements of the earth/sun/stars the more we can get the same knowledge.

    I’ve also started looking more into animal totems and animal symbolism because of dreams and obvious animal symbolism which I couldn’t understand without looking into Native American symbology. Finding out more about these animal totems has also helped me connect to nature in a new way and now seeing animals in the physical can also take on a teaching form as well.

  • Thank you for sharing these little symbolic events Karim! I remember the scarab, it was actually quite persistent, wasn’t it? If I remember correctly, you even moved him somewhere else after some time and he just stayed there for a while, like he enjoyed the company. 🙂
    The eagle-snake must have been amazing to wittness, I don’t recall seeing something like that live either.
    Your experiences inspire me to be more watchful in these times of solstices and equinoxes for these little hunches from the Divine.

  • Hi Karim,

    I remember very well those instances you mentioned. I didn’t see the eagle with the snake but I saw the eagle briefly as it flew over the field.
    It is interesting that it flew exactly there at that time so that you and the other friend can see it. Sometimes it feels as though we see things like that at the exact time they happen and that makes me feel that they are meant to be seen by those who saw them…

  • Those are interesting events Karim, but also significant in their symbolism in connection with the solstice ceremony you had just celebrated.

    I’m also quite a sceptical person and find it difficult to believe in something without good evidence, or without it making logical sense. But I remember when I was practicing quite intensively with a group of friends over a prolonged period of time, that many people reported seeing what appeared to be extra-terrestrial activity around the area on separate occasions. In fact, I can think of at least five separate incidents, each involving different people.

    That kind of thing does seem to indicate that there may be more to the natural world than first meets the eye. There is so much complexity in nature, with patterns on a microscopic scale reflected in the macrocosm. So it seems hard to believe that this all occurred randomly, without any purpose.

    Although I considered myself an atheist for a number of years, I later realised that it’s quite an absurd belief. It’s also quite a disheartening belief system, as if there’s no purpose to life, it’s easy to drift along aimlessly. This purposeless can lead to existential angst, which can be amplified during times of difficulty, if there is no connection to a divine source.

    I think it’s good to have a balanced approach to spirituality, as there are also many illogical or wishy-washy theories in relation to it. It’s a pity that so many people are content with the popular belief of many of the world’s religions, where they feel that just by believing in something, they are automatically saved.

    Although it’s wonderful to develop a connection with the divine, that over-arching belief can lead to a laxity, where people can more easily excuse poor actions and behaviours, as the requirements to attain salvation appear to be so low, according to their religion. The popular ideas that someone can instantly awaken just by being in the present moment or suddenly snapping into a state of bliss also seem rather far-fetched.

    Whereas, real spirituality is actually a very logical process. It makes much more sense that attaining enlightenment within is the result of a long, gradual process of change, as explained by Belsebuub and as encoded in the many spiritual traditions based around the journey of the sun from darkness into light. I hope that many of us interested in this type of spirituality will be able to embark upon that journey fully within our own lives.

    • Isn’t it an interesting mystery how the reality of the divine is experienced on a personal level?

      I also find it hugely interesting how the spiritual is perceived by seeing reality more clearly. So if people don’t believe in or see the spiritual it might mean we as people are so engrossed in our own minds end emotions to be blind to it.

      • Yes, it’s interesting how the connection with the divine can come about in ways that are often unique and specific to each person. Yet at the same time, it’s amazing how interconnected our lives are, where we’re placed in situations that are vital for our learning, alongside particular people. Although in theory we all have free will, the number of different permutations that it takes to allow people in our lives to be present (or even absent) at a particular time can sometimes be mind-boggling.

        The point about the experience of spirituality coming from perceiving reality more clearly is also worth remembering. I remember Belsebuub mentioning this in an online talk and it made a lot of sense. We’re all so subjective in our perception of the world, yet there is a much greater reality beyond us.

  • Beautiful symbols Karim. I love that messages can appear all around us, like magic, in the waking world as well. Feels like the divine is always communicating with us.

    • Yes I agree. And it doesn’t feel nice when I’ve been caught by ‘the happenings of life’, in my own mind and worries, to realise I’ve been missing out on this communication (through dreams for example). That my own state had cut me off from all the nice and useful guidance coming my way.

  • That’s really cool, Karim! I always thought an eagle catching a serpent was “just a symbol” that didn’t actually happen in physical reality. How neat to actually see that right after your ceremony!

    And seeing the beetle a few days later… That’s quite interesting. It does make you wonder about symbolism in daily life… Thanks for sharing this.

    • Same here Mike. Or at least I’d first heard of this eagle-serpent symbolism only as a spiritual symbol. But then happened to see it in a short wildlife documentary a few years late. But it was amazing to see it for myself and at such a -beyond coincidence- moment in time.

      It did make me feel the these higher forces were very much present around our activities and also on a personal level.

      • Great examples of how the spiritual can talk to you in the physical and give these beautiful symbolic messages. Sometimes, even if the meaning isn’t clear, the symbolism is undeniable, and the sense of being spoken to by something, also undeniable.

        I remember when I was first challenging the atheism that I was brought up with, challenging it inside of me, there was a period when I really asked for signs in the physical, I really needed them too. I would ask for ‘the divine’ (or whatever I called it to myself then) to communicate to me the truth of its existence in a way that I knew could only come from them, and that I could not doubt. I remember a few examples, but mostly I just remember that the signs and symbols came, and that I saw that life was multi-dimensional, and that somehow my very thoughts could be responded to.

        By the way, I saw the eagle-snake (I think it was a buzzard but a bird of prey is a bird of prey, right?) a few days later too. And I’ve lived in the area for a couple of years, and it’s the only time I’ve seen that in the whole time. 🙂

  • Hey Karim. Sounds like some interesting symbolism seen in the physical. I have noticed with spiritual gatherings a prevalence of eagles (symbolism for the Spiritual Father) always generally being seen or hanging around too. I think when you have a magnetic center on the spiritual one begins to see and feel aspects relating to that both internally and through what others would normally consider their mundane and ordinary lives. When in fact their is nothing mundane about it, its just most are blind to the larger realities.

    • I’ve also noticed this prevalence. Though I would often think that on an awareness focused walk I better notice what’s going on in the world around and sky. Which can normally be missed. But now that you mention it like this I do also think there are more around in such times :-)!

      The eagle in itself, in dreams and in everyday life, can be such a heartwarming kind of symbol. Or to feel this overseeing force being with you/flying with you and looking out over you.


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