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My Conversation with a Student from (Possibly) Another Planet

Experience Submitted by Lucia Beznik

One early morning, after seeing off my husband who was traveling to another country, I went back to sleep, trying to clear my thoughts as I was falling asleep — a technique I learned some years ago through Belsebuub’s work.

After some initial subconscious dreams, I started becoming a bit clearer, finding myself being held by a being who I first thought was my husband. In my semi-conscious state, the being looked and felt similar to him, but when I tried to see his head and face, he kept turning and moving away, so I couldn’t see him. This prompted me to start pronouncing the Bellilin recitation for dispelling negativity. As I finished pronouncing it 3 times, the being released his grasp and walked away. Seeing him walking away, I added a few more rounds of the recitations ‘just in case’ and started flying.

Still a bit in my subconscious, I saw a warehouse type of building but had a feeling that it would not be a good idea to open its door and go inside, so instead I flew to its roof and walked on it a bit. Gradually, my mind became clearer and I decided to fly towards the sky instead of exploring the buildings on the ground, now being fully aware that I was in the astral plane.

Flying Towards the Sun

The sky was somewhat cloudy, and I thought maybe it reflected the actual day in the physical dimension, where it was cloudy too. However, after a bit more flying I became aware that the sky was not necessarily cloudy, it was more like a gentle white fog that can sometimes be seen before the sunrise, and there was a white glow on the horizon where the sun seemed to be either rising or setting. I wanted to observe it closer and decided to find a nice spot from which I would have a nice view. After some flying, I saw a long stone/concrete protrusion that was part of a bigger structure on the top of a mountain or a hill. It seemed to be the highest place in the nearby area, overlooking a bigger city.

I flew to the protrusion and sat on it, observing the sun. It now seemed like it was glowing behind a very thin veil of white clouds, close to the horizon. I was still not sure whether it was rising or setting and tried hard to get clearer internally to observe its movements, using a variation of Belsebuub’s techniques to acquire the inner clarity I was looking for. As I was doing this, I suddenly became aware that I was sitting on some things, which after a closer examination I found to be a small pile of notebooks and pencils. At the same time, I also became aware that there was a sort of plateau below the stone protrusion, where a larger group of students were working on some assignments, and some have left their tools on the concrete protrusion I was sitting on.

An Unexpected Encounter

I quickly stood up and arranged the notebooks into a neat pile and sat a bit further. Soon after that, a student came and took his things, looking almost apologetic that he left them there. I observed the students below me and thought how amazing it was that they were working on their assignments outside, in such a beautiful spot of nature, under the glowing sun.

Soon, a young girl with long hair sat next to me and I asked her if I was looking at a sunrise or a sunset. Her answer surprised me, as she said that it was “the good one.” Therefore, I figured that she must have meant sunrise, as it usually has a more positive association than sunset. I also told her I found it interesting that they were working there in such early morning hours. She looked like she didn’t quite understand what I meant, and I suddenly got a hint to ask her what planet it was. She replied with a name I never heard before, so I asked where that planet was, and she told me another strange name, similar to the first one. I asked if that was the name of a constellation or a group where the planet was located and she nodded.

After this I told her that I was from Earth, but she didn’t seem to know our planet (or the name) either. Therefore, I told her that it was a planet that had big problems with evil. She started looking somewhat concerned, so I added that it was not necessarily the people that were so bad, but that there were some strong forces of darkness acting upon the Earth, and that it also had a heavy “planetary karma” (not quite sure why I decided to word it this way).  She nodded like she understood, and I added that it was therefore very hard for us to awaken, to which she replied that it was very hard for them as well! 🙂

My impression from the students, the whole environment and the way the girl was talking to me was very light though. It felt as if they had a lot of time on their hands, time to study different things, enjoy their environment, be open and learn. It seemed, they were also more aware than us, as they perceived me and communicated with me very clearly in the astral plane.

Shortly after this conversation, I started returning back to the physical world, gradually feeling my physical body until I fully woke up.

Piecing Together the Experience

Later on, I tried to search for the name of the planet online, but as expected, could not find much on it (the same happened to me on other occasions in the past, when I tried to Google some words and names that I heard in the astral plane).

However, after some more searching, I found out that the name indicated Sun, Sun’s brilliance, or sometimes “spirit”, in the ancient Accadian language, and the base of the word also meant Sun in the ancient Sumerian language.

This made me wonder if it was an actual name of another planet, or if the girl was simply telling me the name of the Sun since we were talking about it before. I also don’t remember flying in the space before this experience, I was just simply flying following the Sun until I found that spot.

In any way, it was a very unexpected and memorable experience for me, which made me think again of the different beings that exist out there, looking very similar to us, and yet, from what I could perceive, so different internally.

  • Thank you Lucia for sharing such an interesting experience.

    I really enjoyed reading about your interaction with the student, but what stood out for me is the first part of your story, in which you asked for the negative entity to be dispelled and afterwards, through efforts, you increased you perception of reality and turned this experience into an interesting and pleasant one.

  • Hi Lucia,

    that was different astral experience for you – and one that surprised you a bit perhaps…

    Your experience strongly reinforces that we are not alone, that others are striving for the same spiritual result -enlightenment – and that the struggle may or may not be as harsh as it is for us on Earth. It is hard to know….

    The other part of your experience that stood out for me was the way you were able to piece parts of the puzzle together, your attempts to work out the time, place, era etc. even though elements of it remain a mystery. I wonder if you would be able to go back, to revisit? What would be revealed to you then?

    • Interesting Dimi, I didn’t think of revisiting this particular experience or place, but I would certainly love to have more interactions and connections with other beings out there who are also trying to awaken, something like friends. 🙂 I thought that maybe some of what we are going through here could be interesting for them too, even though their level may be generally higher than ours…

  • Thank you Lucia for the beautiful astral experience you shared with us. It is nice to see that there are other beings, whether extraterrestrial or not, who struggle for awakening but in conditions higher and lighter than ours. This experience certainly gave you an inner force and reminded me of a personal astral experience that I had in the past.

    It was a dream when I saw a ufo, I was very excited.
    Ιt came and stood in front of us. It was also my husband there with a group of people. I remember we were on a green mountain and we saw its peaks. The ufo was green and this gave me love, I looked at it and I was very happy and touched. But at the end when it left I said: “why we didn’t ask some questions about spirituality?”.
    It seemed to me that we lost an opportunity.
    The previous night I was worried about something I was asking a certain question until Ι sleep.
     It was not about ufo or alien, but I was impressed that I had that dream and the love and happiness that I received from that ufo. This feeling it followed me the next morning hours.

    • Hi Elma, your dream UFO experience sounds very nice, thank you for sharing it! I find that many times interesting experiences are given when we really sincerely ponder upon something before sleep and fall asleep while doing that. This sincere interest in a question or a problem seems to give us quite a good level of focus, which makes our mind clear, plus I think it also acts like a prayer – we wish to sincerely know something, and then it is sometimes mercifully answered…

      I also find it interesting how you connected the green color with love in this particular experience. I remember when I first started training to have astral experiences, I would often become lucid in the astral plane when seeing really fresh green colors of grass, trees, and so on there. Somehow, this fresh green color acted like a trigger for me to realise that I was in the astral. 🙂 It would be interesting to know more about the deeper aspects of colors…

      • I agree with you Lucia. Serious interest in getting an answer to a question before we sleep can bring the answer to a dream in a symbolic or a clearer way.
        And to me in some dreams, the colors of the environment around me have transformed into brighter in order to wake my consciousness.
        It’s not accidental that nature has this wonderful green color in different shades as the sky and the sea have the wonderful colors in shades of blue.

  • I enjoyed reading your experience, Lucia.
    It gave me the inspiration to try harder to connect to the ETs.
    I cannot even imagine what it would be like to live somewhere, where the whole society is focused on awakening such as the one you described.

  • That’s fantastic Lucia! It must of felt good to find information online about the words afterwards.

    Perhaps one day you can return to that place and help the people there with their attempts to awaken 🙂 That’d be a wonderful opportunity to bring light to the universe.

    Thanks so much for sharing, it’s very uplifting to read.

  • What an incredible experience, Lucia! It’s so cool you got to see another planetary society and a glimpse of what life is like somewhere else in the universe. I found it somewhat reassuring to know those people, too, find awakening difficult. I guess that’s quite a universal thing 😉

    Also very cool that this other planet was so similar to our own, even the buildings – like the one you described as a warehouse.

    Do you think they were in their physical bodies, seeing you through polyvision? Or were they in their astral bodies, studying in the astral plane? Either way, they sound like they have developed their consciousness quite a lot!

    • Hi Mike,

      I agree that awakening seems to be difficult for all beings in the universe! I suspect though, that maybe they struggle with different things than us. I mean, the level of this current society we have here is really low, and so most of us trying to awaken struggle with really basic things, like anger for example, or lust for many, and of course the lack of conscious awareness… Whereas I imagine that if somebody is born on a better planet with not so much darkness prevailing, their whole psychology would be somewhat lighter, more aware, and maybe would be easier for them to pass the initial tests and requirements, but that’s just my speculation of course.

      In any way, I would like to repeat that I am not really sure if it was another planet, as I don’t remember flying through space and the place didn’t seem too different from our planet, except that the sun and light was different. I was even contemplating the option that maybe they were people from our ancient past, but then they felt quite “modern” for that, like for example the way they were dressed, and the feeling I got from them. Then another option would be that they just visited the Earth in the astral, but then again, it was strange that they didn’t know what I was talking about when I mentioned the name of the Earth. So maybe it was a different planet after all, but I am not sure. 🙂

  • What a beautiful experience Lucia!
    It’s a great experience to have contact with a being from other planets. I think generally in the communication with them you receive a high and positive vibration!

  • Really interesting experience Lucia! And thank you so much for sharing – I have been wondering lately how helpful it could be to be meeting with extra-terrestrial (ET) who are also interested in awakening their consciousness.
    From several accounts and experiences, there seems to be many different ETs that come and visit Earth, and always in a peaceful and helpful way toward Earth in general. But I was wondering on a personal level what it would be like to live on a planet which had lighter energy and where society in general were geared toward their full awakening. What differences would there be, as well as how the various qualities of consciousness would show on every day interactions.. So it was interesting to read for example, about how this one student felt responsible for having ‘forgotten their pencils and notebooks’ – like understanding that simple act of ‘care and responsibility’ towards one’s own possessions.

    • Hi Geraldine, I have been wondering about the same things you mentioned for some time. Like how it is for other beings on other planets in regards to the awakening of their consciousness, how do they live and struggle in their daily lives… So a thought came to me the other day that maybe I actually got this experience as a little gift – a glimpse into their everyday living.

      I am still not quite sure if it actually was another planet, or just this planet but different beings visiting in the astral plane, but they definitely didn’t “feel” to be regular Earth people. In the same time, they were not very different from us either, just much more conscious and considerate (as you have also pointed out). Otherwise physically, they looked very similar, except that they were all young.

    • Yes Geraldine, what a difference it would make to live in a society where people in general are focussed on awakening spiritually, instead of the material or superficial values of our current society.

  • Thanks very much for sharing this experience Lucia. It sounds like an inspiring and memorable one, and it’s interesting that despite there being very little detail about the name of the planet that you were told, you were still able to find information that connected it to the sun. I can imagine the encounter left you inspired to find out more.

    • Hi Michael, yes it was quite inspiring to find the name of the Sun or planet she used to be an actual word in these ancient languages. It made me feel like we are all a part of one family after all, and maybe some ancient names are more universal than we think. 🙂

      • Yes, that’s lovely Lucia – to learn about the interconnected of the universe through its people and language.

  • Thanks for sharing Lucia, that was a very pleasant experience to read. It’s great to know that the works of Belsebuub have helped you in such an amazing way to verity students from another planet.
    I wish you many more success with your work ahead.

    • Thank you very much John for your wishes, and you are right, the works of Belsebuub helped me immensely not just to have the experiences, but also to put things into perspective, and to understand the requirements of the process of awakening. I hope many more people can have this opportunity in the future, and wish you also all the strength and Divine support on your journey.

  • Really enjoyed reading your account. What a great experience. Thanks for sharing it.


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