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A Warning of Illness in the Astral

Experience submitted by Dimi

This account took place while I was with friends interested in spiritual practice.

An impromptu group astral practice was organized, and I decided to join in. The practice itself was taken from Belsebuub’s work, who has written a number of books on astral travel, the latest edition being ‘The Astral Codex‘.

Each of us got ready and comfortable. During the practice I kept my focus strong, my mind clear and my body relaxed. I felt my astral body separate from my physical body. I sat up and looked behind me to see myself lying there (I often do this to check that the experience is real). I continued to look around the room.

Across from me were a couple of people, they seemed to be asleep. Beside me was another person, already out in the astral, but seemed to be clapping (as though celebrating or joyous) about something he was looking at. I could not see what he could see.

I kept looking past him, towards others next to him. They were lying there, perhaps asleep. I continued to look around the room, it all seemed like it does in the physical, even the lit candle.

As I looked further on in the distance, towards the furthest wall to me, I could see two individuals sitting upright, concentrating as though focused for the practice. They were in fact in that position in the physical, so nothing unusual there either… except… for the small-statured female figure that seemed further in the distance but between these two individuals.

I recognised this person immediately, she was my mother! But, she did not look well. This was the second piece of information that captured my attention. She appeared weak, pale and really unwell.

In my country we have a saying for someone that looks that unwell — she looked like ‘death warmed up‘. I kept my gaze on her to determine if I needed to respond to this information with urgency. I got the sense that she was ok for now, but that I would need to help her out very soon.

Public domain image found on Pexels.

A week later, my mum ended up in hospital. The doctors were telling me that she was lucky to have presented at that time as her condition could have become more complex and irreversible. My warning in the astral was timely and helped me to look out for my mother’s welfare here in the physical.

  • Hi Dimi,

    It’s really inspiring to read how calm and focused you were throughout this experience – going through the astral split with ease and familiarity, taking your time to look around carefully in the astral plane, and how you extracted the knowledge from what you were shown. It sounds like an ideal way to have and make use of an OBE! Interesting also that the guidance about your mother wasn’t given immediately but only after you had been looking around for a bit. I hope she’s better now 🙂

  • Hi Dimi,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. How great you had that opportunity for a dedicated group practice and you were able to have that clear astral experience.

    I hope your mother feels better now!

  • How useful was for you Dimi to attend to that astral projection practice with your friends. It seems that it made a big difference for you and your mother. You made your choice and you got a great reward for it.

    I hope your mother is a lot better and I wish you much more of such experiences.

  • It is lovely to see, Dimi, that you could help your mother receiving this kind of warning in your experience.
    And I think that we can see more and more from all these experiences shared in this site and from others, personal for each one, how the astral can constitute a source of knowledge that can be applied to our lives and to our learning.

    I see how there is no discrimination in this learning when there is a warning for something which will end on a good note, and when the outcome is very painful, something that guidance can help ease our pain but we cannot change it.

  • I also liked the clarity you had and you were able to contemplate and get more information about the initial message.
    These impromptu group initiatives look like they have a good potential
    Thank you for sharing your story

  • Wonderful to hear you were given this insight, you must really care for your mother. I got a sense that it was also an expression of love and care for you, as you were given the opportunity to get this insight and a deeper understanding of the situation without the worry.

    I hope your mother is recovering well and is getting better. Best wishes!

  • Thanks for sharing Dimi,

    I sincerely hope your mother is feeling better now.

    It’s wonderful that you were able to see this when you did so you could help.

  • That must have felt like such a kind gift of guidance from the divine Dimi, something that allowed you to take care of your mother and, I imagine, to also see her illness in the light of a bigger picture. Personally I’ve experienced that when something difficult arrives that I’ve been forewarned about then I can face it with much more faith and detachment, knowing that there is higher, mysterious reason behind the situation and though it’s hard, that glimpse of insight helps me to go through it and help others through it too. I hope you experienced this kind of connection to the divine through the hard time.

    • That’s good to hear that you were able to increase faith and gain insight through similar guidance Ella. Knowing that there is a higher purpose behind a situation can be reassuring and make it easier to go through, as we can put the situation into a wider context.

  • It’s really a great thing your astral experience gave you a look into the future so you could be better prepared and help your mother (I hope she has recovered). It’s amazing how much help is given to us (even to help others!) in the astral – such a precious source of guidance!

  • Thanks for sharing this experience Dimi. It’s very good that the information you gained helped you to best support your mum in an appropriate way, at the time she needed it.

  • What a useful insight Dimi and very nice how you were able to take that message in and utilise it.

    In general I found your clarity in your astral experience inspiring and refreshing to read about. Makes me also want to have experiences with such clarity too.

    Thanks Dimi for relating your astral projection and I hope things are well. Take care.

  • Oh Dimi, what a useful out of body experience to have! I can imagine that this OBE may have helped not ‘overworry’ when the situation happened, as this experience gave you a warning and may have helped you to be more prepared for it, both mentally and emotionally. It’s amazing really how in such a ‘short’ experience you were able to gather such clear and precise information. I really hope your mother feels a lot better now.


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