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How Intuition Helped Me to Avoid Difficulties at Work

Experience submitted by Pavlin Boev

Some time ago I had an intuitive feeling about my job. It came at just the right time and helped me to avoid a difficult situation that was coming soon.

One early morning before sunrise my wife and I woke up to do a spiritual practice. We have noticed these early hours to be beneficial for that, so we wanted to use the opportunity.

While I was sitting and waiting for her to get ready, I tried to clear my thoughts and just stay in peace. Then, quite unexpectedly, I had a strong feeling related to my job. I had a feeling I needed to switch from an 8-hour working day to a 6-hour day, practically start working part time instead of full time. I wasn’t thinking about my job that morning, I wasn’t even worried about it in any way at that period. But the feeling was so clear and strong that I felt I couldn’t ignore it or have any uncertainty about it.

I knew this was not a practice in the company I was working at, and that generally, they didn’t encourage people to do it. I also thought I wouldn’t feel comfortable bringing it up as they were already flexible enough to allow me to work from home.

Acting upon the Intuitive Feeling

Later in the morning, as I was preparing to start work, I could still sense that feeling in my heart. I consulted my wife about it as I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be an irresponsible decision to make in terms of our financial situation. After we agreed that it would be manageable, I brought it up at work.

I felt a bit anxious about it at first, but there was also a kind of joy in knowing that I’m acting on an intuitive feeling which I am sure of. I knew inside that it was for the better, even though I couldn’t reason it intellectually.

The response was positive and they said they would get back to me for confirmation. Weeks went by and I didn’t hear from them. I didn’t want to push them, but towards the end of the month, I sent them a message to check if it was still alright. It turned out they had just been very busy with other things but were able to arrange my papers and I would be able to start on 6 hours from the next month.

Unexpected Change

Just as I started my new working hours, our company unexpectedly hired a new manager for the department I worked in. He had a completely different approach to any other manager I had worked with before, and the atmosphere became very challenging. In a short amount of time, my team was required to take frequent night shifts, weekend shifts and other shifts at unusual hours. We were also given some extra responsibilities that increased our workload. It was not possible to negotiate these things at the beginning. Perhaps the manager wanted to try to establish some order that in their perspective was needed – thus, a lot of my colleagues were either dismissed or they left.

Once, the manager actually even expressed their discontent with my 6-hour shift – at which I silently thanked the divine and my colleagues who had arranged it, as now it was secured to me.

My reduced working hours and being at home made it much easier to continue at my job without the new circumstances affecting me too much.

I know this wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t known about and practised self-discovery as described in Belsebuub’s work. At most I would probably have dismissed the intuitive feeling as irrational (if I had even been in the right inner state to receive that hunch in the first place).

  • Very well timed Pavlin.
    Intuition can play an important role in guiding us through life and events that can shape us. To consider that by listening to your intuition can achieve such a positive outcome speaks volumes – as work-life is stressful enough in these challenging times. It really shows how the intellect can make us believe that it knows best, especially when it doesn’t and can be full of egos and material desires.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you, Pavlin. I find it so powerful that you listened and acted upon your intuition. It’s wonderful the way the divine looks after us. Sometimes I want to argue with my intuition because often it makes no sense at the time. But it’s like a steady knowing, isn’t it? It doesn’t change even if I don’t understand it.

    • “… way the divine looks after us.”

      Yes that’s how it often very much feels. Because sometimes it’s just small things and yet we receive these nudges, and when I see (if I managed to follow the advice) later on that it was correct I often have this little smile inside. 🙂

      Lately I’ve been trying to follow these little nudges better. It seems the very first counter thought is good to catch. For example I had the sense to take some extra different socks with me to work, then the first thought I had was so sure that ‘I still had some there’. No, I didn’t 🙂
      Or even when travelling I had this sense to take the exit before then one I usually take, I was like ‘Okay’. Then I saw later on from that road that normal route I take was completely blocked off.

      I’ve also seen it can be big and very serious things though… that we can be warned about. Often the sense comes in stronger then and we’d do best for our own sake to listen very carefully. And hopefully more protection, along with that intuitive sense, is also at play.

      • Those are good little instances of intuition Karim. It shows how beneficial intuition can be in our everyday lives, particularly if it is relation to the bigger and more serious matters you mentioned. It’s definitely something worth developing.

      • I love that Karim. I’m also trying to follow those nudges. There have been so many times I wish I had listened! Seems we’re in constant communication with the divine and that they’re always teaching us something. I want to learn to listen well during the day and at night 🙂

  • Hi Pavlin,

    Do you think it was related to the fact that you were getting up to do these morning practices, that you were able to hear this guidance clearly? It’s great that you were confident enough in this message that you were able to act – it seems to me that sometimes myself, and others I’ve talked to, have a hard time in acting on the guidance they feel they’ve received.

    It shows that the divine help us in many ways – the job we do might seem too ‘mundane’ to be part of spiritual guidance, but considering it’s often how we spend around half our waking hours, it’s certainly something that should be open to guidance! I felt really encouraged internally to ask at the place I’m now working if they needed any help – and now I can see why as it’s opened up a whole new set of learning through creating a totally different daily routine.

    Wishing you much more clear guidance!

  • That’s really cool. It’s a really good thing you followed through with your intuitive feeling. That must have been quite some suspense though, waiting for a month before finally getting those hours secured, and only later seeing why that change was necessary. Intuition can sure be useful!

  • It’s great that you knew what you were feeling was an intuitive message, Pavlin. It is also amazing how the reason for such action came about later on.

    I can remember a number of those incidents in my own life and can clearly see how my mind would intervene and made me doubt things. On the other hand I can also see that some things needed to happen regardless of me realising that it was an intuitive “message”, because of the learning that took place after it.

    • That’s interesting Tina that the events still took place, even though you were doubting the choices you made.

      • Yes, I feel that some things just need to happen in order to learn from their experiences. For example, some recent events that happened in my life I already knew that they will occur but felt that I was meant to go through them as otherwise, I wouldn’t know what I know now if I avoided them. It feels like there is a certain force that makes us go through certain life events – being aware of them or not. Although on the other hand, I can see that in some cases I did act upon that feeling of intuition and thus avoided the after effects..

        • I feel that too Tina. There were certain things in my past that I just had to go through, and I think at some level I knew what would happen, but of course, I couldn’t stop it. I remember thinking that “it’s almost over now” while in the middle of those horrible events. It felt like a great wave that had to roll over me and then disappear. A great lesson.

          • I can relate to what you said there Anne Linn. Sometimes it can feel like horrible events are similar to being engulfed under a huge wave. During very diffciult situations, it can seem like being in a terrible storm at sea, where all we can see are the crashing waves and howling wind.

            So it comes as a great relief once those waves start to dimish and the sea calms down. Then our whole perspective can be changed, as we are able to again perceive the beauty around us in a clearer way. Plus we also have the experience of going through the storm, which can help us and others to navigate future storms in a more intelligent way, by learning to keep afloat, rather than being pulled under by the waves.

          • The sea analogy reminds me of a passage from The Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles, where it is written: “(By) everyone who endures his trials, cities are inhabited, and a precious kingdom comes from them, because they endure in the midst of the apostasies and the difficulties of the storms. So that in this way, the city of everyone who endures the burden of his yoke of faith will be inhabited, and he will be included in the kingdom of heaven.”

            I was very inspired by Belsebuub’s informative commentary on The Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles in the following talk, which gave me a lot of encouragement to keep going during some very difficult times:


  • That’s pretty specific intuitive information you got there Pavlin! To have it so clearly working for your benefit shows how we don’t really need to be victims of everyday society – as long as we develop ourselves spiritually!

  • That’s quite a specific intuitive message you got and the way how you were in a peaceful state and able to receive it makes the whole situation seem very magical to me. 🙂 Hoping you can tune in more and more to such guidance and live daily life that way.

    I think I also know what you mean with that faith or a magical charm in the air which you know supports the action you’re about to undertake. As if these things are already arranged and you’re now merely knowingly and intuitively playing your part to materialise it, which can happen out of the ordinary-ly smoothly.

    Also it seems to me this was a great help, perhaps if the job would’ve become to taxing it would have been very unconducive for maintaining a good inner level.

    • Hi Karim,

      It’s an interesting aspect that you and Tina mentioned, also something I recently thought about. How much is predetermined, can we even ‘surprise fate’ by anything we do? And how do experiences like this tie in?

      Hope all is going well over there!

      • Yes – was it also predetermined that we would get the intuitive hunch, follow it, and be spared of the difficulties? Or did we ‘earn’ that help along the way in a way that hadn’t been decided from the beginning of our life? Or is it that it could have gone in either direction?

        It seems like a special aspect to your experience that you were so certain of that intuitive feeling and so were able to follow it with confidence and even that joy you mentioned, even in the face of that long period of wait and some disapproval from your family. It makes me realise that it would be possible to develop intuition to this degree and be so close to our divine parents that the communication would be this clear more often, also of course having the inner clarity to be able to receive it.

        Reading your experience makes me yearn to be more receptive to this kind of help and really try to be quiet within and listen. Thank you very much for sharing it.

      • This relates more to prayer than intuition, but the part about your experience where your quiet state helped you receive the help had me reflecting on this. That I realised the other day when I tried to talk to my divine parents that a feeling of hurriedness, anxiety and confusion had been making that communication shallow lately. Also not really having faith in getting help from them. It caused me not to be open and still enough to receive anything from them. But when I tried to calm down, get clear and be quiet I could already feel I was getting closer to them and was getting some answers. It’s amazing how they had the mercy to act fast in that instance because I was in an agitated state so I couldn’t have gone on for too long!

        A really good advice I heard lately was that we should avoid protesting against our situation and our divine parents when we are going through difficulties but try to work together with them, to see and acknowledge our own incorrect ways and reactions, explain everything to them clearly and humbly ask for help. Also not to ask for the difficult thing go away (which is the natural thing to want) but to learn and change within. When I let go of that feeling of protesting or reacting instantly it feels so different, like I’m actually ready to listen and change.

        • Thanks for your reflections Laura. I feel I can relate to them currently.

          The connection to our Father and Mother is the most important thing there is.
          Without it there is nothing. So I feel it’s essential for me to do whatever I need to, and not letting mechanicalness or complaints, in order to make that alive.

          Wishing you all the best.

        • Thanks for sharing these reflections Laura, Pavlin and Karim. I agree that creating a connection with the divine is essential, especially during times of difficulty.

          I’m glad to hear that by nurturing your connection with divine, you were able to overcome that agitated inner state Laura. The advice you mentioned about not simply asking for the difficulties to go away, but instead asking for help to correct the mistakes we are making, which are keeping us locked within those situations also sounds very wise.

          It’s a very difficult thing to do, but I wish you all lots of strength and guidance in achieving this goal.

  • Thanks, Michael. It was a big help indeed, it’s very humbling how it is given. And what do we give back? I wish I knew/see better how it works, I would’ve probably been more appreciative of it.

    Hope all is well!

    • Not sure if this is exactly what you meant Pavlin but I can relate to what you said about if you could see ‘behind the scenes’ meaning into the higher dimensions where this help comes from and is arranged and at what cost, you would appreciate it more and in that way try to make the most out of it. It’s tough to see sometimes where I had got some kind of very special divine help with a situation but looking back I could have made much more use of it and kept being aware of how precious the given opportunities had been. It’s easy to forget and start taking even such amazing things for granted but I want to remember the times when my divine parents went out of their way to give me something, so that I could go out of my way to try to work on myself better and come closer to them.

  • That’s great Pavlin,

    following intuition has saved my life in the past. it’s that important.

    Thanks for highlighting such a practical example of acting on it.

    • That’s a strong example of the importance of intuition Martin. It sounds like you were able to avoid a very serious situation through it.

    • Hey Martin,

      Thanks. Will be nice to hear about it, if it’s something you’d like to share.

  • I am glad that you had this intuitive grasp, Pavlin, and thank you for sharing it. I see how helpful it was for your life. This reveals for once more the role of the intuition and how these signs can be explained by the events which take place later and justify this relevance.

    I feel that something which is very important about getting these teachings is that we can get tangible results of applying them in real life, and I am also grateful for having the opportunity to receive and experience them.

    • Thanks, Maia. Yes, I remember it wasn’t easy explaining my decision to my relatives (I come from a culture where your immediate family’s opinion is usually considered) and I know they thought it was a mistake, although they didn’t pressure me much about it. But later on, as I was telling them about how my work situation was developing, they could also appreciate my new working hours and see that it turned out for the best.

      Wish you much strength and inspiration. Also looking forward to reading about your journey.

  • How amazing, compassionate and practical help you received Pavlin! Its great that you were able to reach clear enough state to catch this intuitive hunch that helped you so much in the long-run. I guess you have your wife to thank for it, as by waiting for her you were able to reach that conducive state. 😉

  • Thanks for sharing this example of putting intution into practice Pavlin. You must have been very grateful to have acted on that hunch, as it could have so easily been disregarded, leading to a much greater set of difficulties, due to the work changes that you had no idea about in advance. It’s great that you were able to reduce the impact of the upheavals at work, due to your prior actions.


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