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Receiving a Message from My Divine Mother

Experience submitted by Dimi

I had woken up around 3am from feeling cold, needing to cover up with a blanket. I had a bit of trouble falling asleep again. In such situations, I usually turn my attention to some spiritual practices I learned from the work of Belsebuub, to help calm the mind from unwanted thoughts and to relax the body. I also asked for help from my Divine Mother.

I must have drifted off, entering the early phase of sleep, where thoughts can take over and lead into dream states — because clarity/lucidity are affected I had not realised this was the case at this point. I found myself looking at the wall beside my bed. I saw its colour — beige. I could see the whole wall, it was bare; no large picture frame hanging there as it is in the physical (3rd dimension).

The missing frame did not grab my attention, but the bump/mark in the centre of the wall (where the large picture frame hangs) did. This bump looked to be alive as though it was a small worm growing under the paint surface.

I kept looking at it, questioning, “what is that?” I noticed it kept growing and it was at this point that I became lucid, saying to myself “Hang on, I must be in the Astral.

Instantly, at that point, I saw and felt myself lift out of my body, peeling from my legs in an upwards action all the way to my head. I was now hovering/floating above my physical body. I then started moving horizontally, in a Westerly direction, through my bed head and through the wall of my room. I came to a stop once outside my house.

I could see the outside wall of my home, the night sky above as I remained suspended in mid-air for a moment. I could feel this internal sense growing within me, letting me know that I was going to be shown something for my purpose and growth. I knew this sense to be my Divine Mother communicating with me.

As I got that internal message (like a forewarning), I then felt myself lower towards the ground, still laying flat, facing the night sky. I lowered into the ground, and kept going downwards, through the ground.

I started to see layers of existence beneath the earth, each layer showing something different. There were entities/people in each of these layers, caught up in their ‘routines’ and daily grind, carrying on as though it was ‘another day.’ There was this feeling of pain, suffering and anguish alongside this experience, and heaviness.

Public domain image found on Pexels.

It is as though I was being shown a gentle view of what it could be like in the internal layers, possibly the Hells. Each layer or level was guarded or sealed by heavy solid doors so you could not get out —  locked in like a prison. I could feel this internal hesitation, this dread that these are horrible places.

It was at this point that I also felt a message of hope. It came as a reminder. It swelled up internally, and came with a warm feeling from the heart area. The message it carried was interpreted as such — I do not only need to visit such places, I can also visit the internal Heavens, and put effort into getting there.

Public domain image found on Pexels.

As soon as that ‘understanding’ was reached, I came back to my body, woke up in the physical and thanked my Divine Mother for the reminder to keep working on internal states, to keep going through the internal layers which affect the psyche and to work towards making it to the Heavens.

  • Thanks for sharing Dimi, what a timely reminder you share as the state of this humanity is sliding towards the darkness more and more (materialism, entertainment, etc…)

    Having the focus on the light is ever so important in this time of our lives. To gain uplifting insights is always a boost when compared to focusing on the negatives of this world/humanity.

    All the best…

  • Thank you Dimi, there’s such an essential message in this experience that you shared, and I agree with what Laura said, that it seems eerily close to life here in the physical for many people. It really reminds me that this earthly experience is where two worlds literally collide and merge – the lower realms and the higher.

    The comfortable feeling you had while being taken down into these inferior dimensions, given to you by your Divine Mother is such a beautiful thing to hear. It’s motivating to remember the kindness and generosity of internal lessons and to hear this example of how even when we are shown something painful that it can be done in such a loving way.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    • Hi Ella,
      it was so comforting to have the second message filter through…it gave much hope.

      Visiting such places can be confronting – a reality check – given there can be so many parallels with this physical world, I agree.

      I guess it is important to know the truth of our current human state and to put efforts into changing that destiny for ourselves …The help is there if we’re willing…

  • I just love the gentleness that you described your experience with Dimi. How your divine mother was so lovingly teaching you, preparing you for what you would go through with that sense that it would be for your good. I love the message of hope that she gave you.

    Kind of surprising that you saw those people in the lower realms going through their daily routine in heaviness and suffering, because you could be describing our world. Probably the feeling was different but how often it’s just another day with its various repetitive obstacles, drives, pains and pleasures, and it seems like a normal way to live, but how it actually emanates from those lower realms. That it doesn’t have to be that way at all is wonderful. Both are usually there – the momentum of the daily grind that wants to suck you in and really quickly does if you don’t make the effort to go against it, and the spiritual part within that you can awaken in the moment and who will lead the way out. It’s really inspiring how she let you know that we can really transcend it and have the possibility to reach heavenly realms. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.

    • Hi Laura,

      I agree, the parallels are there…It could easily be our world…!

      There was something more in the intensity of the suffering; the daily grind felt heavier and more dense, making it seem surreal, as though it is one level or layer lower than the physical existence and so on as I kept going…and, the key point was this – there was no escaping it! Yet, here, in this realm, we have a choice still…

      It served as a good reminder of what awaits those who get caught up in lower states. I find it important (albeit very hard at times) to combat lower states, but to lift out of them is vital…Belsebuub has given the tools for this….and, I find, that Divine help is there if I/we put the effort into doing so…

  • Thank you for sharing this profound experience Dimi. What you described about those lower regions feeling like prisons sounds similar to some of this type of regions I have seen as well. It shows the crucial importance of getting ourselves rid of those various states that drag us there internally.

    • HI Lucia,

      I agree…It can feel very difficult and challenging at times to lift out of negative states… I find it equally important to keep going, to keep trying, to keep combating them (particularly re-occurring thoughts which can feed lower emotional states and vice versa) using as many of the tools Belsebuub has taught…

  • Hi Dimi,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. What stood out to me was when you mentioned how it seemed that people in those layers were stuck in their daily routine, locked in heaviness and negativity. I could see a bit more this week as I came out of some aspects of my daily routine how I have a strong tendency to turn negative and heavy about a lot of my duties at work and outside of it, and I don’t want to be like that.

    • Hi Pavlin,
      I can relate to your comment also…being at work or having to do repetitive tasks seems to trigger a set pattern of internal states and familiar reactions…there is lots to see and grow/change from.

  • Thank you, Dimi, for sharing your experience and the strong message you got from it. It is always inspiring for all of us too.

    I see that being guided to visit lower realms is part of our learning, consciously or unconsciously.
    However, the way and the timing that our divine intervenes in order to teach us what is needed is always special for each one, showing the hidden wisdom behind it and tracing a totally different perspective on how to handle things, life, and purpose of life itself.

    So I am happy for you, Dimi, hoping that you can hold this understanding, apply it, and make it grow within.

  • That is a such a nice and powerful experience with your DM Dimi.
    I feel that when a message like that comes directly from the divine it reaches a very deep segment of our being than when it comes from some other source – for example when reading about it or on some level realising it yourself. Recently I had a very powerful dream with my DM and it totally changed the way I feel about some things.

    All the best in fulfilling your mission to make it to the Heavens.

    • That’s very good the dream had a big impact in changing your perspective Tina. I hope the remembrance of it will help you in your daily life.

  • Thanks for sharing this, Dimi. I can imagine this experience was a highly motivating one. Those lower realms certainly don’t sound like places anyone would want to go. The perspective of reaching heavens is really inspiring so thanks for the reminder that there isn’t only darkness we are working to overcome but light we are acquiring in the process!

    • Yes, it’s a very good reminder Mike. I think understanding the need to overcome darkness and acquire light both bring their own motivations to take our spiritual lives seriously.

    • Hi Mike,

      Indeed it was a very loving, gentle, compassionate and caring reminder of what to work towards, and what to avoid at the same time!

  • That’s a wonderful message Dimi, thank you for passing it on.

    It brings a unique perspective to the concept of ‘getting out of the daily grind’.

    • Yes, doesn’t it!? It makes me think that there’s something almost hypnotic and (internal) sleep-inducing about the ‘daily grind’. Probably it’s no coincidence that the degeneration of man has including the shaping of people into robotic-like workers and the structuring of society to make repetitive, mundane work a norm for so many people. I can very easily remember countless scenes like this from the physical. In fact, some of the deepest soul-cries that have lead me to look for something spiritual came from seeing myself in scenes like this when a young person. It really is horrifying to witness the beauty of human life reduced to such a trivial and miserable existence.

      • Yes, I agree Ella. It’s tragic that millions of people around the world are trapped in mundane, meaningless lives that they have no means of escaping. Your comment about robotic work becoming a norm reminded me of the situation for many working in electronics factories in China. I heard recently that a major worldwide manufacturer had to install safety nets at the top of the factory, due to the number of employees jumping off.

        Those of us in more privileged societies also have a responsibility to spend wisely, in order to reduce the misery caused by so many big corporations. I don’t think business is a bad thing in itself, but there are ways of operating ethical businesses, which can make a huge difference to its employees and to the wider enviornment. Although the big corporations are far more able to dominate the market by undercutting the competition, I feel it’s important to try and support ethical businesses wherever possible, to reduce the suffering in the world. Imagine what a difference it would make upon the world if everyone did that!

    • Hi Martin,

      it was such a gentle yet harsh reminder at the same time…Perhaps there is more to lose than to gain by staying in lower states and reinforcing the mundaneness of life….working my/our way out of it is key I guess…

  • Thanks very much for sharing this astral experience Dimi. It sounds like a profound one with an important message. I can imagine the sense of entrapment at going through those guarded layers, which there was no way out of, followed by relief at realising that by doing the spiritual work, there is hope to not only escape the imprisonment of being trapped in lower dimensions, but to also experience higher dimensions.

    I wish you a lot of strength and success in working towards this goal.

    • Hi Michael,

      it started out as a very innocent lucid experience which unfolded into this significant reminder and message of hope. I wish you and everyone striving for the same goal every success and strength also….

  • Hi Dimi,

    I think I know the feeling you’re describing of those places, which the astral can allow you to feel more deeply. It seems to me that those type of places really exist, though more interestingly perhaps that we/people allow such emotions of such regions to manifest within themselves in daily life. So we might be going to our normal job during the day but internally, in a way, be in places like you describe.

    Do you also feel Dimi that reaching the heavenly realms in am internal sense during daily life was part of the message?

    • Hi Karim,
      in my experience, it certainly is achievable to reach heavenly realms in an internal sense through our day and in our daily tasks. It is not about finding pleasure in what I do or getting lost in it, but being there in that moment and seeing/sensing it for what it is….These moments might be fleeting to start with but as Belsebuub reminds us and so patiently teaches, we need awareness and internal observation to assist. I find doing a mantra or going for an awareness walk or doing ‘sincere’ reality checks help to give me a short burst of inner peace, calm and centredness -these sensations seem to surface from somewhere deep within- but ultimately, they bring an internal knowing that liberation from lower internal states is possible . They have a different effect on my psyche and body compared to negative thoughts or emotional states.


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