Experience submitted by Dimi

I had woken up around 3am from feeling cold, needing to cover up with a blanket. I had a bit of trouble falling asleep again. In such situations, I usually turn my attention to various type of spiritual practices I have learned from the work of Belsebuub, to help calm down the mind from unwanted thoughts and to relax the body also. I also asked for help from my Divine Mother.

I must have drifted off, entering the early phase of sleep, where thoughts can take over and lead into dream states — because clarity/lucidity are affected I had not realised this was the case at this point. I found myself looking at the wall beside my bed. I saw it’s colour — beige. I could see the whole wall, it was bare; no large picture frame hanging there as it is in the physical (3rd dimension).

The missing frame did not grab my attention, but the bump/mark in the centre of the wall (where the large picture frame hangs) did. This bump looked to be alive as though it was a small worm growing under the paint surface.

I kept looking at it, questioning, “what is that?” I noticed it kept growing and it was at this point that I became lucid, saying to myself “Hang on, I must be in the Astral.

Instantly, at that point, I saw and felt myself lift out of my body, peeling from my legs in an upwards action all the way to my head. I was now hovering/floating above my physical body. I then started moving horizontally, in a Westerly direction, through my bed head and through the wall of my room. I came to a stop once outside my house.

I could see the outside wall of my home, the clear night sky above as I remained suspended in mid-air for a moment. I could feel this internal sense growing within me, letting me know that I was going to be shown something, for my understanding, for my purpose and growth. I am very familiar with this sense and very comfortable with it. I knew this sense to be my Divine Mother communicating with me.

As I got that internal message (like a forewarning), I then felt myself lower towards the ground, still laying flat, facing the night sky. I lowered into the ground, and kept going downwards, through the ground.

I started to see layers of existence beneath the earth, each layer showing something different. There were entities/people in each of these layers, caught up in their ‘routines’ and daily grind, carrying on as though it was ‘another day.’ There was this feeling of pain, suffering and anguish alongside this experience. A heaviness too.

Public domain image found on Pexels.

It is as though I was being shown a gentle view of what it could be like in the internal layers, possibly the Hells. Each layer or level was guarded or sealed by heavy solid doors so you could not get out —  locked in like a prison. I could feel this internal hesitation, this dread that these are horrible places.

It was at this point that I also felt a message of hope. It came as a reminder. It swelled up internally, and came with a warm feeling from the heart area. The message it carried was interpreted as such — I do not only need to visit such places, I can also visit the internal Heavens, and put effort into getting there.

Public domain image found on Pexels.

As soon as that ‘understanding’ was reached, I came back to my body, woke up in the physical and thanked my Divine Mother for the reminder. It was a welcomed reminder to keep working on internal states, to keep going through the internal layers which affect the psyche and to work towards making it to the Heavens.

I am forever grateful to Belsebuub and his work. I have been able to understand my Astral experiences in a different light.