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A Visit from a Joyful Extraterrestrial Being

Experiences submitted by Karim.

I was with friends in a beautiful nature location around the time of Christmas, and where at night the stars were absolutely brilliant. Blue stars, white-ish stars, the milky way, all set to a very dark night sky.

A Starry Night

One night we’d gone out for a short evening walk in the snow. We’d all been inspired by a recent discussion of the possibility of contacting extraterrestrial life. I recalled Belsebuub describing how it is possible to come in contact with ET beings through astral travel in his book The Astral Codex. After the walk two friends and I stayed outside for a bit longer, chatting and gazing up together. As I looked up at the stars I felt there was some sort of line of communication, or I knew of the reality of beings out there possibly being able to hear and see us. I proceeded to send out a message as strongly as I could.

When I’d finished my message I continued to look at the stars, perhaps looking for a sign. But nothing different of any kind was visible, no moving lights, no other outstanding phenomenon.

Planning for Astral Projection

A friend and I decided to try some astral practices that night which we learned from Belsebuub’s work. We started with some mantra chantingΒ before heading off to our beds. The fireplace lit main room in the chalet was pleasantly warm and I noticed something β€” there was still a palpable magic in the room, charged from all the Christmas singing everyone had done together during the day. This atmosphere helped me to concentrate on the mantra. Then I went off to my room to try the first practice.

I woke up in the night and went downstairs for a bit. I felt like I wasn’t able to manage to get myself out of some bothersome inner states before heading back to sleep. Before going back up to my bed I had the thought of nipping outside to look at the stars. Opening the door to the cold didn’t seem very appealing, but I felt like it was a good thing to do as I felt I wanted to say some prayers. I wrapped a cloak around me and went out.

A Fervent Prayer

Outside under the stars, my prayers quickly took a more serious tone according to what I felt within, and all my prayers boiled down to one simple wish from the heart which I formulated to my own higher inner being.

Photo by Kate Romero via pexels.com / CC0 1.0

When lying back down in my bed afterwards, rather than using any specific astral technique, I just felt the strong desire to continue praying, which I did. Saying all the things that were welling up in me. At one point after half an hour or so there was a brief unconscious moment, followed by finding myself out of my body. I was at the edge of my bed to the side in a sort of ‘half-out-with-blurred-vision’ situation. I’d experienced this before and felt it was good to stay calm and attempt to move myself further from my physical body. I thought ‘wow this has really just happened, I projected’ and apart from that very brief moment I was just as conscious and sharp in mind as I had been the whole time.


Soon I managed to completely and ‘cleanly’ separate. I was standing next to the bed and for a moment I was looking upon my own physical body lying there. The night was silent. Never before had I seen myself so clearly, it was totally real. I’ve experienced seeing my own physical body in the past, but this time there was an extra intuitive message to it, another reason for this standstill ‘moment’ to happen. I paused and took in the feeling of the message.

An ET in the Astral Plane

Moments later, right there in my room, appeared what I knew to be an extraterrestrial being. It appeared, and I realise this may sound a bit clichΓ© but that’s how it was, in the form of an orb. A light orb of conscious being. It felt like a pure and innocent child. And playful too! as very soon we were both bouncing around, chasing each other in a child-like playful way and flying through the room. Very similar actually, if you can imagine, to two young puppies playing together. In this experience, or because of this being’s presence, I was also able to express that child within me in the same manner, for that time totally free from any bad thoughts, malicious feelings or anything like that and also I was somehow separated completely of the ‘grown-up’ burdens I normally feel. We felt very free.

Similar Experiences

Other friends also reported dream experiences they’d had involving UFO/ET phenomenon. One was related to mine and happened on the same night and place.

I felt I got this visit by the joyful ET as part of a higher help to comfort me a little. And perhaps the reason for the type of experience I had, of the pure childlike innocence, also had holds a message to it.

  • So nice to read your experience Karim. The struggle with burdensome inner states that you describe I also experience, as well as the help that comes when going out to see the starry night. The cold air feels clean and also helps me to come out of a mental haziness and pray.

    I can also relate to the change in dreams/ dream experiences when coming out of the kind of burdensome inner states that you describe. A few mornings ago I got up quite early, went out to breathe the air, then went back to do an astral practice (concentration on the heart). The result was also inspiring in that I had very vivid dreams with inspiring messages.

    All the best, and thanks for sharing.

    • That’s wonderful to hear Aleksandr. I like how you raise the point on fresh air. I’ve also noticed that in the air we breath, beyond the oxygen maintaining us and keeping us alive at all times (which is something entirely amazing to contemplate in itself) I’ve also found there’s a spiritual life, a vital healing, in air which can nourish us when we consciously aim to draw that in. I feel there’s probably a lot more to it than we even know (or I know at least.)

      Sincerely wishing you to reach great levels of clarity, take care.

  • Thanks for sharing this lovely experience Karim! It’s really good you didn’t give up despite the lack of immediate results and then followed your hunch to go outside and pray. The feeling of childlike freedom was very touching. It sounds wonderful to have that playful feeling of being aware in the moment, away from the burdens of adult life.

  • Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience Karim! There’s something about watching the stars, isn’t there? Especially the stars of winter, which seem clearer, brighter than during the rest of the year. At least to me. Like scattered chips of a diamond, frozen in place.

    I love that your prayers were so sincere and heartfelt and that they must have heard you. And maybe that’s why you had that experience, because of the sincerity of your prayers? Perhaps enhanced by the magic of Christmas time πŸ™‚

    The innocent chase with the ET fills me with longing. Feels nearly impossible to imagine being free like that. But I do remember being a child and not worrying about anything. It makes me think of a simple memory I have of being a child and waking up in the morning and not feeling anything. Only clarity.

    • Like scattered chips of diamond, frozen in place.” Very beautifully described Anne Linn :)!

      They somehow seem to communicate so much to us in their silence.

      Yes, I think the sincerity (or maybe better said in this case severity πŸ™‚ ) was the reason. And it was the overall Christmas magical environment that set the stage.
      I must also say that another important thing is what can be described as ‘faith’. Or for example at some points in the past I simply knew they could hear my communication and messages, just like talking to someone. So if I know they exist, know that they can hear me etc. I treat it and act upon it as a real thing. It’s s a different scenario than someone who doesn’t have that. I want explain that more clearly with an analogy, but can’t really come up with a good one right now πŸ™‚

      Thanks for sharing that memory Anne Linn. I feel the more we get buried in a burdensome and heavy psyche the further we move from that simple child like state, until we can’t even remember or feel anymore what that was like, but we need to keep fighting for it, keep aiming for it in awareness.

      Wishing you much magic!

    • I can relate to that longing you mentioned Anne Linn. I also have memories of waking up as a child and not feeling any of the heavy burdens of adult life, but just feeling clear. It’s definitely worth making efforts to get that sense of clarity back, as it’s such a happier and freer way to live.

    • I can relate to the feelings of longing and nostalgia for the clarity of childhood, which you mentioned Anne Linn. I also have pleasant memories of waking up watching the sunlight coming in through the window, or feeling eager to start a new day. I think many of us will have similar memories.

      I wouldn’t say that feeling of peaceful contentment has been limited to my childhood though, as I’ve had similar feelings when my sense of awareness has been strongly activated and I’ve felt truly in the moment. Having those peaceful memories, particularly of times spent in nature, gives me a kind of reassurance when going through difficult times.

      I think the longing to regain a longer-lasting is what motivates many of us to look for spirituality in our lives, as it gives a much needed and refreshing change from the burdens of everyday life and the negative emotions that come and go within us.

  • This sounds like a beautiful experience and an answer to your sincere prayers Karim, thank you for sharing. The role the stars played in this experience is also inspiring, it is beautiful to know that by focusing on the stars we can connect to these beings of light.

    • There’s something about the stars, isn’t there? When I had an ET experience in a dream, I remember falling asleep while watching one, very beautiful star outside my bedroom window.

  • What a great experience. The feeling of ‘being’ is something that is well worth the efforts.

    All the best…

  • It’s wonderful to read how your sincere prayer and efforts at communicating with the ETs gave you this experience, and how the childlike freedom you felt gave you a breather so to say out of burdens. I suppose this touched me the most in your experience, and how great would it be to be truly free from it, and how wonderful that they gave you this comfort and encouragement.

    As I spent some time outside lately in the evenings lying down and looking at the stars (before it got too cold to do that), I realized how comforting and encouraging it is, just looking at them and feeling their presence and how they are above and beyond our worldly cares and problems, how incredibly beautiful and eternal they are, and how you can feel a spiritual connection and presence through them. So I could totally relate to how looking at the stars inspired you so much. And going out at night alone to look at them it feels like you are alone with your being and any other higher beings there might be in the stars.

    Thank you very much for sharing.

    • I connected to the same thing you mention, Laura, the childlike freedom and a breather from the feeling of “burdens” coming from an experience that seems to have managed to be both lighthearted and profound at once.

      I’m sure it was very encouraging to have that sense of being watched over in a way, Karim, or being warmly and genuinely cared for by distant brothers or sisters… that may not be so distant after all : ) Thanks for the share.

      • Something to mention in relation to what you bring up regarding that ‘being watched over from the other side’ aspect.

        The way these experiences unfolded, with the activities in the physical and experiences in the astral, felt very natural to me . But an interesting thing I contemplated and only realised a day or two after was:
        Even though I had sent these telepathic messages out to ET beings in the evening, actually during those moments in the middle of the night when going out and praying, these were very much addressed to my own Being.

        And if you imagine a ‘plan’ or set of experiences sort of lined up by the divine, due to be given to someone in the astral, then the part with the ET being and the lesson in it, was a seamless part of that whole plan.

        How is that possible? Only later did I stop and think of this, that it actually showed that, somehow, this ET being was was acting completely in line with the divine.

        It makes you wonder how those things work ‘up there’… But it also made me think how lovely and nice it is/(would be) to be an ‘agent’ happily moving and working in line a with the divine will like that πŸ™‚

    • You describe that intimate connection we can feel to higher things through the stars very well Laura.
      Makes me think how beautiful it could be to approach them almost ceremonially, in order to open ourselves up to their omniscient sense of peace, silence and divine frequency.

      I was also outside one night a few days ago, looking at the stars and trying to find out about the constellation Cygnus, the Northern Cross, and its meaning. Although our world on the planet’s surface has changed a lot, it feels inspiring to consider that our ancient ancestors also looked upon the same stars at night and understood and revered their sacredness.

      • Yes. that’s very inspiring Karim – to think of how our ancestors would have seen the same stars and been touched by their wonder.

    • Thanks for sharing that Laura. I miss lying down looking at the stars. I used to do it as a child. I always felt I could speak to God through them, and also the “gods”. I remember lying down and praying very hard to the stars when my life was starting to fall apart around me. I got the sense that the “gods” were watching and listen to me from up there.

      I suppose the stars are a very powerful reminder that there’s so much more out there than what’s going on around us in our everyday lives.

      I’m reminded of that scene in Lord of the Rings when Sam and Frodo are in Mordor, and Sam looks up and see a star above the veil of darkness around them and says: “Mr. Frodo look. There’s light. Beauty up there that no shadow can touch.” But poor Frodo is too lost in his own pain to see it. That scene touched me very much.

      • Yes, I agree Anne Linn. Looking at the stars can be a very powerful reminder that there’s much more to the world than what is going on in our everyday lives. The scene from Lord of the Rings sounds very touching, especially that quote: “There’s light. Beauty up there that no shadow can touch”.

        We need to try our best to develop Sam’s perspective when facing difficulties, as there is usually still a spark of light, even though it may seem we’re surrounded by darkness. That light comes from divine help and guidance.

  • Wow, that sounds like such an uplifting, beautiful, and joyful experience, Karim. That being was definitely not burdened by egos that so weigh us down in our world today. Even reading this experience, it’s inspiring to contemplate a life without “bad thoughts or malicious feelings”. Just imagine the sort of interactions we could be having as a human race if we had greater purity.

    I wonder: did you get the feeling the extraterrestrial was a child or that they were older but had sufficiently developed their consciousness to have that purity? It’s inspiring either way, mind you!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Mike,

      Yes I have the feeling it was like the second option you mention. So probably not an actual child-aged ET, but a being who had freed themselves into purity, having become a true child in consciousness. There must be a wise developed ‘person’ behind it, but here they chose to manifest in child-like purity. Perhaps similar to what is mentioned in the Gospel of Judas where it says their teacher appeared to them as a child. I’m not quite sure how that works ‘over there’, but then again in those moments I myself was also momentarily manifesting in that child-like way of being, free of a burdensome psyche.

      • Wow, that really gives a sense of something to aspire to, becoming once again as pure as a child, but with the knowledge brought about by defeating darkness within. I have a few memories life as a young child and the feelings of peace were so powerful, but alas they were taken away by the feelings of the egos.

  • Hi Karim

    I kind of felt from your experience that it shows us that there is a reality to sincerity that normally goes missed during our life because of the burdens the ego states have upon us.

    Perhaps an element of sincerity, other than honesty, is that its not heavy thing that weighs upon us but it gives us the lightness of being and freedom from seeing things more clearly.

    Thanks very much for sharing that wonderful experience and the scenario around it, it was a story among stories of book filled of a lot of learning, called Life. πŸ™‚

    • Who would’ve thought that, in a cabin under the stars in a snowy forest at night, such magical things could really take place?

      I know that as a child we don’t know what the world we are born into will be like, it could turn out to be one thing or another. That is until we learn and fortify in ourselves societies’ parameters and how nothing is really possible, nothing really exists beyond the material things you can see.

      So I am still in disbelief sometimes, surprised and overwhelmed, that life is in fact more wonderful that I could’ve hoped! That we can actually fly! (in astral), that mysteries exist, that the divine is real!

      It is Belsebuub through his work who was the one who unlocked and opened this whole area of life for me.

  • What a lovely experience, Karim.
    I especially liked that playful flying with the ET.
    I can just imagine how inspiring that must have been for your inner work.

    All the best with it.

  • Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience Karim. I agree with Geraldine that the “pause” you experienced while looking at your physical body accompanied by a spiritual message must have given you some boost and perhaps an encouragement to keep going…

    For some reason, I have NEVER seen my physical body lying in bed when in the astral. Once I looked back to my bed, and just saw an empty bed, even with a little hollow where my body would have been before. :-O I was wondering why it is that I’ve never seen anything there, and thought that maybe it is because I have a feeling that it should not actually be there, because in the astral plane we see astral counterparts of the physical things, and not the physical things themselves. And since the astral counterpart of my physical body just got up from the “astral bed”, there is nothing left to be lying there… But many people report seeing their physical bodies in the astral plane, so maybe there are different parts to the astral body, one kind of alive, carrying our sould or spark of consciousness, and another one a mere counterpart of the physical shell lying in bed. Haven’t seen this fully explained anywhere yet.

    The playful ET/orb sounds fun too! πŸ™‚ I wish we could interact with these higher beings and extraterrestrial brothers more often…

    • Most often I also don’t see my own body in bed when I’m in the room in the astral, although there have been a few occasional times where I did.

      In this particular case it was just so incredibly clear and real that I knew I was looking at my physical body. (and there wasn’t even any thought coming up considering anything else.)

      So maybe this was a case of seeing into the physical dimension from the astral.

  • What a many layered experience! With seeing your physical body, and having that ‘pause’ of really capturing that feeling and moment of seeing yourself lying there yet being fully conscious, alive and separate from it. I can imagine that it could give such a boost of understanding of how our time here is so precious and temporary! Somehow, that part of your experience really had an impact on me. And what a playful and joyful interaction you had after that Karim! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • Yes that’s the sense of the message that I had while standing there. It didn’t bring up fears or deep emotions or anything. It, I could feel, was just a fact.


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