Experiences submitted by Karim El Bazi.

I was in a location where at night the stars were absolutely brilliant to behold. Blue stars, white-ish stars, the milky way, all set to a very dark night sky.

I had got together with friends to celebrate the winter solstice and to hopefully tap into the sacred time of Christmas which Belsebuub explains in depth in his work on the solstices and equinoxes: ‘The Path of the Spiritual Sun.”)

A Starry Night

One night we’d gone out for a short evening walk in the snow. We’d all been inspired by a recent mention of the possibility of contacting extraterrestrial life. I recalled Belsebuub describing how it is possible to come in contact with ET beings through astral travel in his book The Astral Codex. After the walk two friends and I stayed outside for a bit longer, sharing some words and gazing up together. As I looked up at the stars I felt there was some sort of line of communication, or I knew of the reality of beings out there possibly being able to hear and see us. I proceeded to send out a message as strongly as I could.

When I’d finished my message I continued to look at the stars, perhaps looking for a sign. But nothing different of any kind was visible, no moving lights, no other outstanding phenomenon. Nothing.

Planning for Astral Projection

A friend and I decided to try some astral practices that night which we learned from Belsebuub’s work. We started with some mantra chanting before heading off to our beds. The fireplace lit main room in the chalet was pleasantly warm and I noticed something — there was still a palpable magic in the room, charged from all the Christmas singing everyone had done together during the day. This atmosphere helped me to concentrate on the mantra. Then I went off to my room to try the first practice.

I woke up in the night and went downstairs for a bit. I felt like I wasn’t able to manage to get myself out of some bothersome inner states before heading back to sleep. Before going back up to my bed I had the thought of nipping outside to look at the stars. Opening the door to the cold didn’t seem very appealing, but I felt like it was a good thing to do as I felt I wanted to say some prayers. I wrapped a special blue cloak that I had around me and went out.

A Fervent Prayer

Outside under the stars, my prayers quickly took a more serious tone according to what I felt within, and all my prayers boiled down to one simple wish from the heart which I formulated to my own higher inner being.

Photo by Kate Romero via pexels.com / CC0 1.0

When lying back down in my bed afterwards, rather than using any specific astral technique, I just felt the strong desire to continue praying, which I did. Saying all the things that were welling up in me. At one point after half an hour or so there was a brief unconscious moment, followed by finding myself out of my body. I was at the edge of my bed to the side in that sort of ‘half-out-with-blurred-vision’ situation. I’d experienced this before and felt it was good to stay calm and attempt to move myself further from my physical body. I thought ‘wow this has really just happened, I projected’ and apart from that very brief moment I was just as conscious and sharp in mind as I had been the whole time.


Soon I managed to completely and ‘cleanly’ separate. I was standing next to the bed and for a moment I was looking upon my own physical body lying there. The night was silent. Never before had I seen myself so clearly, it was totally real. I’ve experienced seeing my own physical body in the past, but this time there was an extra intuitive message to it, another reason for this standstill ‘moment’ to happen.  I paused and took in the feeling of the message.

An ET in the Astral Plane

Moments later, right there in my room, appeared what I knew to be an extraterrestrial being. It appeared, and I realise this may sound a bit cliché but that’s how it was, in the form of an orb. A light orb of conscious being. It felt like a pure and innocent child. And playful too! as very soon we were both bouncing around, chasing each other in a child-like playful way and flying through the room. Very similar actually, if you can imagine, to two young puppies playing together. In this experience, or because of this being’s presence, I was also able to express that child within me in the same manner, for that time totally free from any bad thoughts, malicious feelings or anything like that and also I was somehow separated completely of the ‘grown-up’ burdens I normally feel. We felt very free.

Similar Experiences

Other friends also reported dream experiences they’d had involving UFO/ET phenomenon. One was related to mine and happened on the same night and place. This was nice to hear, making me wonder to what extent they were already aware of us and present non-physically beforehand?

I felt I got this visit by the joyful ET as part of a higher help to comfort me a little. And perhaps the reason for the type of experience I had, of the pure childlike innocence, also had holds a message to it.