Mike L

Experience submitted by Mike L

I had this experience when I was feeling quite negative. An acquaintance, who was supposed to be helping me, went completely against my wishes on a matter and, in an underhanded sort of way, placed me in a very harmful situation spiritually.

I felt like my trust had been betrayed and I was deeply offended by their actions. I found it hard to even go to even sleep because of my anger about the situation. Fortunately, it seems the divine beings in the higher dimensions wanted to offer me some support and guidance in the difficult time I was facing.

Lunch at Work

I was eating lunch at work when one of my senior colleagues, who I have enormous respect for, walked over to me and wanted to give me some news about administrative changes in the workplace. We talked about these changes and about some projects I had on the go. At the end of our conversation, he began to walk away but paused. He then turned back to me and congratulated me on an award, but told me the award was supposed to be a surprise. I thanked him for the good news.

Then I woke up.

The lunch conversation was just a dream, but it felt like a premonition and suggested there was at least something to look forward to. I went back to sleep and had my next experience.

In an Apartment

I was walking through a clean and tidy apartment when I realized that I was dreaming. I think I realized it was too clean to be my own apartment and that’s what clued me into it being a dream!

In front of me there was a closet.

I decided to try something a friend had recommended in receiving teachings in the astral: I asked my Divine Mother to arrange things so that when I opened the closet door, a teaching would be there for me on the other side.

So I opened the door…

And the closet was completely empty.

Immediately, my negative thoughts kicked in and I began to think, “that’s just fitting. Why would I even expect to receive a teaching given how bad things are going right now. Of course nothing will ever work out!”

But when I remembered myself, I managed to get some detachment from the stream of negative thoughts and just tried to be aware, which is something I had learned how to do from Belsebuub’s work.

My lucidity was higher than normal after having woken up from a dream: visually, things were crystal clear and it was actually just nice being conscious in the astral in this apartment. I took another look in the closet just to look around.

In looking at the closet again, though, various ornamental objects had suddenly appeared! There was a teaching there after all given in a symbolic way.

Feeling Better

After waking up from the experience, I felt inspired again. I knew that I wasn’t alone in my struggles and that I was being given help.

My problem wasn’t resolved, but I no longer felt as angry. I instead wanted to make use of the teaching and take some steps forward.