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Spiritual Encouragement from a Lucid Dream

Mike L
Experience submitted by Mike L

I had this experience when I was feeling quite negative. An acquaintance, who was supposed to be helping me, went completely against my wishes on a matter and, in an underhanded sort of way, placed me in a very harmful situation spiritually.

I felt like my trust had been betrayed and I was deeply offended by their actions. I found it hard to even go to sleep because of my anger about the situation. Fortunately, it seems the divine beings in the higher dimensions wanted to offer me some support and guidance in the difficult time I was facing.

Lunch at Work

I was eating lunch at work when one of my senior colleagues, who I have enormous respect for, walked over to me and wanted to give me some news about administrative changes in the workplace. We talked about these changes and about some projects I had on the go. At the end of our conversation, he began to walk away but paused. He then turned back to me and congratulated me on an award, but told me the award was supposed to be a surprise. I thanked him for the good news.

Then I woke up.

The lunch conversation was just a dream, but it felt like a premonition and suggested there was at least something to look forward to. I went back to sleep and had my next experience.

In an Apartment

I was walking through a clean and tidy apartment when I realized that I was dreaming. I think I realized it was too clean to be my own apartment and that’s what clued me into it being a dream!

In front of me there was a closet.

I decided to try something a friend had recommended in receiving teachings in the astral: I asked my Divine Mother to arrange things so that when I opened the closet door, a teaching would be there for me on the other side.

So I opened the door…

And the closet was completely empty.

Immediately, my negative thoughts kicked in and I began to think, β€œthat’s just fitting. Why would I even expect to receive a teaching given how bad things are going right now. Of course nothing will ever work out!”

But when I remembered myself, I managed to get some detachment from the stream of negative thoughts and just tried to be aware, which is something I had learned how to do from Belsebuub’s work.

My lucidity was higher than normal after having woken up from a dream: visually, things were crystal clear and it was actually just nice being conscious in the astral in this apartment. I took another look in the closet just to look around.

In looking at the closet again, though, various ornamental objects had suddenly appeared! There was a teaching there after all given in a symbolic way.

Feeling Better

After waking up from the experience, I felt inspired again. I knew that I wasn’t alone in my struggles and that I was being given help.

My problem wasn’t resolved, but I no longer felt as angry. I instead wanted to make use of the teaching and take some steps forward.

  • I find your experience interesting and inspiring, Mike.
    What stood out to me is your understanding that your DM is arranging things for you and that by asking you are given. Recently I also had some experience where I was shown that my DM is arranging better things for me while going through very difficult circumstances. Like you, I felt very inspired and encouraged to carry on with the inner work and to have more faith in the divine.

    • Thanks for this comment, Tina. It’s something that can be hard to appreciate when we are facing difficulties, that our Being could very well have worked hard so that we could have that exact learning opportunity presented to us. We can’t overcome what we can’t see.

  • Hi Mike,

    A lot of the time its hard to see that the struggles we encounter in life are growth opportunities especially when we are in the midst of it all. A lot of the time I find myself saying, everyone and/or everything is against me, when things are bad.

    Your experience is a good reminder that these times are wonderful growth opportunities if we can remember to use the circumstance to learn. Both the situations you went through reflect this, things got stirred up through the events and when you remembered to observe and detach yourself from the inner states, you where given help.

    Thanks for posting!

  • Mike,
    Your story shares something important that I have forgotten about time to time. When things become difficult, even when it seems like we can’t maintain our ‘composure’ internally, we are often getting help, and we can be progressing and earning rewards through the effort we put in. Even if things aren’t perfect..

    Getting a glimpse into the inner worlds and seeing this is actually taking place also makes the weight of the challenging circumstances easier to bear.

    Thanks for the reminder!

    • That’s so important to remember, Andrew! It is very heartening that we don’t have to be perfect when going through tumultuous times for progress to be made, as long as we fight for what is right internally.
      And that in those difficulties, often we are being given what we need, and we aren’t really alone in our struggles.

      • Yes, those are very good points Andrew and Mike. Well worth remembering when going through difficult times.

  • Thank you for sharing this one Mike. It gives a lot of hope for difficult times. What was also interesting for me to read was about how this anger and negativity on your side was triggered by somebody else putting you in a spiritually harmful situation. I guess it is good to look into this one, as we can often justify our anger when it feels “righteous” like this.

    Also thank you for reminding me of the “magic door” technique! πŸ™‚ I also heard about it from somebody before, but forgot about it. I think I heard it in the sense of travelling in the astral, where you would ask your Divine Mother to take you to the destination you had in mind, and then open the door… But asking for a teaching is even better, as then you are given what you need most.

    And I agree with Layla, it is very nice to learn from each-other here; I have picked up 2 useful tips just today by reading some articles here. πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Mike for sharing.

    I too can relate to a feeling of immense anger/frustrations, only to have scenes play out, and when the understanding of what lessons are being taught, it (anger/frustrations) all seems to melt away. I really appreciate these types of lessons as it gives the egos less chance to dominate my daily life.

    All the best.

  • Hi Mike,

    I felt uplifted reading about your experience, so thank you very much for sharing it. Did you really get the award in the physical later? How wonderful that they even ‘spoiled the surprise’ for you to help you feel better that night!

    It’s especially interesting for me how you opened the closet door and those negative thoughts started coming in when it was empty at first. I find myself often going down that train of thought when things don’t seem to be working out, but I’ve seen time and again that it makes me spiral into low feelings, which then really makes things feel difficult and stuck. It’s great that then you saw those ornamental objects – it sounds so lovely!

    Maybe it’s a personal question (in which case you don’t have to answer of course) and maybe it’s hard to have a clear answer – but did you have a feeling as to the reason you were given this help, or was it simply to encourage you to be able to deal with the situation better? I suppose I’ve developed a way of thinking that this kind of help isn’t given ‘for free’ and so I think a lot about ‘worthiness’ for getting it, but I think that’s a really black and white way of seeing it and putting the divine in a box so to say in my mind, as if they couldn’t operate outside my rules. Because even when you were thinking of things going badly, yet you got these incredible loving experiences.

    • Hi Laura,

      I didn’t get an award in the physical. My intuitive feeling after the astral experience is that the lucid dream was the award, as in the reward in the workplace was symbolic of the astral experience that followed. As to why I was told about the surprise before having the experience is unclear to me, but I did wake up between the dream and the astral experience, so maybe I was being told to go back to sleep πŸ™‚

      It’s hard to know precisely why I had the experience. But a possibility is that what happened to me as a result of that acquaintance shouldn’t have happened (i.e. maybe the higher beings didn’t intend for things to go the way they did but due to free will, accidents, etc., things happened as such) and this was given as a way to help me in the unfairness…? I really don’t know, though πŸ™‚

      • Hi Mike,

        Thanks for sharing your experience, as well as how you got a spiritual reward, rather than something materialistic! I like your honesty in admitting you’re not sure why you got a ‘heads up’ about the surprise!

  • Thanks for sharing your experiences Mike. It’s great to hear that the dream inspired you to make changes in reducing your anger, as well as giving you motivation to keep going, and reassurance that divine help and guidance is there for you.

  • Thanks Mike, there seems to be a lot in that discovery and the way it all unfolded.

    I thought it was interesting how we can be shown valuable things to help us understand but also being able to be taught by the way the learning unfolds…

    I tend to miss those valuable insights/ observations as I find that I focus on the end goal,; a bit like looking in my wardrobe to find a jacket to wear, but missing seeing the thoughts and feelings, intentions etc that arose as I stood there looking.

    Thanks for sharing those experiences, so nice to learn from people’s experiences on this website!

    • It was a bit of an adventure in that regard because the learning experience at first didn’t match my expectations and I had to learn to “go with the flow” and have some faith. Having an end goal I think is very important, but I guess with astral experiences, there are just so many ways we can be taught, we need to be receptive and open, without expectations.


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