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A Brief Encounter with a Negative Entity

Experience submitted by Dimi

It was a typical night filled with dreams. One particular dream had me sitting in the study, talking on the phone with my sister. It felt as though I had been on the phone with her for a little while. I recall the feeling of needing to get off the phone, as though I had something urgent to do. Instead of saying anything to my sister, I patiently kept listening to her.

At one point, while she was talking to me, I looked up towards the tall boy. On top of the tall boy I saw a floral patterned sheet. It had been left there unfolded, all untidy as though temporarily and quickly dropped there. I questioned “how did that get there?” That simple question seemed to instantly trigger me into a lucid state. I suddenly realised I was in the astral and that I was in a dream.

As soon as I realised I was in the astral, I dropped the phone (even though I could hear my sister still talking) and simply walked out of the study, made my way to the lounge room and kept going towards the front door. I went straight through the front door (I did not bother to open it) and onto the veranda. I stood there for a moment noticing my surroundings. I was in my house, but in the astral. It looked exactly the same (except for that floral sheet that was on the tall boy which triggered the lucid experience).

The landscape was the same too. It all felt calm and familiar. I was gathering my thoughts, working out what I needed to do next. Suddenly the feeling of calmness was being disrupted. Something no longer felt right.

The experience was still clear, but it felt as though I was not alone anymore. I quickly looked around and noticed this vague entity standing in my neighbour’s back yard, which was a level lower than my balcony. He seemed to be standing there casually as though just ‘hanging around,’ but my ‘internal radar’ was letting me know this is not a friendly being.

He was dressed in light clothing, a casual jacket and casual pants, dark hair, strange facial features and smoking a cigarette. He seemed to avoid my eye gaze, pretending he had not seen me, yet knew I was there. I could feel that he knew I was there and was waiting to see my next move. I quickly acted on the decision to take off in flight, into the sky and to fly as fast as I could.

Public domain image found on Pexels.

I did not think to do a recitation that helps on such occassions, which I learned from Belsebuub’s work on astral travel, or to ask for higher help. I simply wanted to get away as fast as I could and carry on with my astral experience. I made a quick leap into the air in the hope that I could be fast enough to get away from him. This was not to be the case. He was able to leap up and grab onto my legs as I took off in flight, weighing me down, slowing my flight speed.

I noticed that his legs did not seem human as he leaped up to grab onto me, they became animal like. This reinforced that internal feeling that this creature was not human, was only mimicking being one. I still did not resort to using a recitation or conjuration to help me get rid of him. I simply forgot to do that in this case, despite it being a powerful technique for me in the past.

We struggled for a bit. It seems my struggle led to the experience coming to an end, this entity was successful in stopping me from exploring the astral in a conscious way. Once back in my body, I was left with the feeling that this entity had been sent to stop me, as though he had been ‘alerted’ to me being lucid and was sent to stop me from continuing my venture.

  • Hi Dimi,

    It’s wonderful when you wake up in the astral from a dream like you did! And it’s great that you questioned the misplaced sheet that made you realise where you where. A chance to receive a teaching in the astral is very special. Even if it was short lived. And there is lots we can learn from being in the astral consciously and also from our dreams.

    Just being in the astral consciously has a profound effect, and in your experience the clarity and calmness that you felt can give such inspiration even if it was short lived. It has so for me, just by reading it.

    Like you said, persistence is important with this exploration. Lately I have been applying this persistence to remember my dreams more vividly to find the wealth of knowledge within them.

    My memory of my dreams can be vague at the best of times and recently I made an effort to remember them with the practices mentioned in Belsebuub’s work. I have had success with this more so than ever before. And I have been able to stay still upon waking more often in a short period of time, recalling my dreams vividly this way. In the past I only achieved this once. I had to apply this continually for it to work. This way I was able to receive the messages/message within my dreams. So yes! Persistence is key.

    Thanks for posting Dimi! Lots of strength and perseverance with your explorations.

    • Hi Penny,
      it is such an inspiration to have these clear experiences, they almost become ‘motivators’ in themselves.
      I too find periods where it becomes harder to recall dreams or to be conscious in the astral. These tend to coincide with physical tiredness and also stress levels.
      I do find it important to keep going, to keep trying to recall any experience, no matter how trivial (my mind/thoughts want to make me believe it is!) as it does contain spiritual information…

  • Thank you for passing to us your experience with such descriptive way, Dimi.
    I agree with all of you on how these entities work and their purpose. It is their ”mission”, I guess, and it seems that there are different ways to harm us, or to make us lose valuable time, especially the longer a person is ”digging” deeper into this process of awakening, individually or like a couple.

    • Hi Maia,
      I find such beings have their own intent and purpose – to stop or block us or discourage us from being lucid and clear in the Astral (for spiritual purposes)… I’ve just got to stay focused on my goal…

  • Hi Dimi,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. It’s a wonderful reminder for me that someone who wants to explore the astral plane or develop spiritually has no time for feelings of giving up or beating yourself up, or any other kind of low feelings, as they are directly opposite to being able to move forward, and they might even be caused or at least desired by negative entities trying to stop us from trying. And it’s very revealing how you felt that he was purposefully sent to stop you. Something absolutely to keep in mind and be prepared for.

    It’s interesting how you said you dropped the phone even though you could still hear your sister talking. Sometimes when not becoming fully lucid I can still feel the pull of the original situation of the dream, like I need to deal with it, and it causes this conflicting feeling, but it’s nice to just leave it all behind and realise it’s nothing but a dream and therefore not important. I think it’s somehow related to awareness in daily life – the psychological pull of reactions to situations or the fascination with them, as opposed to detaching from them with awareness and feeling some freedom.

    • Hi Laura,
      it is so so easy to get caught up in the falsehood of a dream! I find there can be a strong hypnotic effect …and, I notice that as soon as I start to gain a degree of lucidity, there is a stronger pull to enter a different dream or to distract me (my mind usually) so that a different dream sequence can start up…It can be like trying to get out of a maze.
      Keeping clear as best I can and disengaged as best I can is key at times…and, I try to keep going no matter what unfolds…

    • You made a very important point there Laura about how feeling down or giving up on things just plays into the hands of any negative entities whose mission it is to stop us from learning and moving forwards. It’s very important to work against those feelings when they arise.

  • It was interesting to read about your experience, Dimi as I could see you very clearly in all that you described. It was as if I had the same experience but soon I realised that it is the feeling of an entity that you talk about that is familiar to me. As you and Lucia mentioned I also feel that these kinds of entities are alerted to anyone who is about to become lucid or already is.
    It’s good to see your comment at the end where you mention the importance of persistence. I feel that is the key to unravelling the mysteries of the astral world.

    • Hi Tina,
      my experiences so far have only confirmed that I need to keep persisting and to keep ‘pushing through the veil of deceit’ as I would call it…

  • Thanks for sharing this, Dimi. It’s interesting to me that it’s so important for negative entities to stop us having astral experiences. They seem very diligent in watching what we do. Like you, I also become curious about what they’re trying to stop us from seeing and experiencing.

    I also sometimes forget to do the recitations. The very first time I remembered to use them I was so surprised that they actually worked!

    • Hi Anne Linn,
      I think we are being watched by both sides – Light and Dark…for different reasons/purposes.

      I agree, recitations are so powerful and they do work!

  • I also think that negative entities are around or close to us all the time and that we need to take this under consideration during our daily life. When our own Being, guardian angel etc are there to help and protect, non-benevolent beings have an opposite mission. And in astral things are even more difficult because we are asleep, unable to take clear decisions etc

    Additionally, over there our ego/beings are also another thread which can put us down. A very simplified example of the difference of those two non-benevolent groups, when I was in astral walking through a parking lodge, a wild animal had parked… there as well and it was as soon as I felt fear when it attacked me and not before. When on other occasions I didn’t have the time even to feel something before they take me down.

    Thanks for sharing Dimi, your experience shed some light into what type of reality we live in.

    • Hi Fotis,
      there seem to be layers of reality, and they seem to play out really well in the Astral I think… There have been times when varying degrees of effort could be felt (much like layers of daydreams or dream states) to attempt to pull me back into the dream haze. My response has varied – it has become more intensely clear or it has become a mental struggle and I have woken up in my physical body.

  • Its such an interesting experience you’ve shared and I’ve been in the same situation as you Dimi, and have also forgotten to do the recitations. Its worth looking into that emotion that predominates over the recitation as there’s always a cause and an affect.

    I also loved your questions at the end and I think that the possibilities of learning must also be so great in the Astral (as Belsebuub has explained and that we see sometimes come across) that these negative entities just want to keep us in ignorance.

    Wish you lots of guidance and protection and I hope you continue to grow in wisdom through understanding and experience!

    • Hi Layla,
      thank you for the hint to look into the emotion that might be the cause for forgetting to do recitations.
      I find it helpful to keep questioning, to keep my motivation for the Astral and it’s hidden secrets afresh.
      Thank you also for your wishes…I return them in kind…

  • That sounds like a familiair experience Dimi, and you describe your thoughts and reactions very well, helpful to read for others having similar experiences.

    It does seem like you said. Like they’ve got a means of being alerted when someone becomes conscious, and they’re there so soon. I wonder how that works. Maybe they’re lurking around us at some distance already. Makes you wonder how much they influence us, all throughout the day as well… Makes me not want to be fooled and tricked by lower states of various kinds within through which, I feel, they influence us sometimes. This is a lot clearer in the astral, where we can see them- like your experience shows.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience Dimi. It’s a pity you forgot about the recitations, but you nevertheless learnt an important lesson at the end: the need for persistance in our investigations, in order to discover the spiritual realities in the astral.

  • There is just so much out there, both good and bad. It really sounds like that being was alerted to your becoming lucid and immediately took action to stop you. Your intuition that that ‘neighbour’ was a bad person didn’t lead you astray; indeed that was a nasty entity. Too bad you couldn’t fly away quickly enough. I guess this serves as a good reminder for all of us to use the recitations straightaway and don’t leave things to chance.
    Seeing the effort the forces of darkness put into stopping people from exploring the astral is a serious cause for reflection. On one hand, it shows the level of effort and help that we need in order to defeat darkness, since it is always watching us, trying to prevent our progress; on the other hand, it goes to show the profound knowledge we can get in the astral, otherwise these negative beings wouldn’t bother us.
    Thanks for sharing this, Dimi!

    • Hi Mike,
      I find that the Light is also watching, perhaps seeing if we are serious enough to push through and to fight for the Light within us. Perhaps we need to have a degree of perseverance, determination, courage and willingness to overcome the dark forces external to us (as well as the internal ones!)..much like a training ground..?!

      • Yes, our day-to-day living and the darkness we encounter makes a marvelous testing ground (a very difficult one, too)!
        Thanks for the reminder that the Light is also watching 🙂 Good to remember there is help there if we are serious.

  • Hi Dimi,

    Thank you for sharing this experiencel; it sounded very nice and clear up until that entity appeared…

    Unfortunately, this seems to be a regular occurrence for me too, and like you, I also think that they are being “alerted” somehow that somebody is awakening from their inner sleep and is becoming conscious. Sometimes they don’t even wait till I actually become conscious, but are present while I am still dreaming, and “spring to action” once I start to show the signs of becoming conscious and aware. This made me think that maybe people who are actively trying to “wake up” in the astral plane and dreams have these types of entities “allocated” to them, who are watching and making sure that any attempt at exploring the astral plane is hindered as soon as possible. :-O Once I was actually told this by a negative entity that I managed to disable by the Bellilin recitation. He told me that I have no idea how busy they are, moving around and checking on people…

    Having the tools to deal with these hindrances is a real must I think, and am really grateful that I got these recitations on the beginning of my attempts to astral project via Belsebuub’s works. Otherwise I don’t think I would be able to stay there conscious longer than just for a bit, before involuntarily waking up or being drawn into a dream by these entities.

    Wishing you many more lucid experiences!

    • Hi Lucia,
      I know exactly what you mean! They are ‘enlisted’ to keep stopping us from ‘waking up’. I’ve had these experiences since childhood. I did become discouraged in my teenage years only to reignite the flame (so to speak) when I came across Belsebuub’s work many years ago…
      I now feel blessed that I have been able to pick up where I left off all those years ago but with a much deeper appreciation and understanding of how I can use the Astral for spiritual purposes.


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