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Meeting a Spiritual Being in the Clouds

Experience Submitted by Elise

After having some experiences of sleep paralysis and pre-split sensations of astral projection I decided to search for answers and somehow came across a course about astral travel and dreams, which contained the work of Belsebuub.

A few months after taking Belsebuub’s astral travel and dreams course I had a conscious astral experience where I met with a spiritual Being in the clouds. I had been diligently applying the techniques that I learned from Belsebuub’s work and tried my best to be aware and in the present moment during the day.

After going to sleep one night I ‘woke up’ in the astral plane lying face down in my bed. I realised that I must be in the astral as some things looked a bit different to the physical plane. I pushed myself up with my hands, got out of bed and asked to be taken to an angel or a divine being to learn, as I was in search of truth and higher wisdom. Suddenly I felt my body being pulled by a strong force and heading upwards. I then found myself up in the clouds with a spiritual Being who radiated love, kindness and joy. I immediately felt comfortable in their presence.

Photo by Elise

The scenery around me was so bright and vivid; everything had a luminous quality about it. Even though it had been dark at home in my bedroom, I was now surrounded by light in the clouds. I tried to stay focused and in the present moment, as I had learned from the course. I was able to have a conversation with this Being and had the opportunity to ask some spiritual questions that were important to me. I received answers to my questions, although upon waking up in the physical I couldn’t remember everything that he said. I remember saying something rather silly and told the Being that he must be very spiritual for being able to hear an insignificant call from me way down below. He just laughed in a jolly way and I could feel the joy emanating from him. After a while I lost lucidity and found myself back in my house.

Meeting with this Being was inspiring and I like to remember this experience when I’m going through difficult times to lift me up. I feel that I must have been helped at the time to become conscious in the astral so that I could see for myself what it’s like to be in the presence of a higher Being.

  • That’s a magical experience Elise, it’s surely a gift from the Gods. I can understand how the memory of such experience would stay with you for many years. Hopefully you have many more in the days ahead.
    Many moons ago I also took Belsebuub’s Astral travel course, and I’ve never looked back to the days without this amazing knowledge.

    Thank you for sharing, it’s certainly a great read.

  • Hi Elise,

    Your experience was really uplifting to read, especially about it being your diligence in applying the techniques and wanting to learn that gave you this gift. Something to take to heart!

    That photo of the clouds is beautiful : )

  • What a wonderful and powerful experience Elise.

    I have also met with an Angel in the Astral and it was probably one of the most powerful experiences of my life. The Angel did not talk to me but gave me something. I did not know what to do with the object and asked. All of a sudden then, I just knew.

    It still amazes me that we have the ability to communicate with such incredible Beings.

    • Sounds like a very precious experience, Sue! It’s always inspiring to hear about how others are taught and to see how higher faculties like intuition can awaken during those moments in order to learn.
      It really is so amazing that it’s possible for us to learn from enlightened beings. Such an incredible privilege.

  • Thank you for sharing such inspiring experience Elise. Interacting with spiritually advanced being is a wonderful gift – a memory of this experience must be very precious to you.

  • Thanks very much Elise for sharing this beautiful experience. It was inspiring to read and I can understand what you mentioned about the memory of it being a source of strength during difficult times to lift you up.

    I wish you many more opportunities to learn and experience.

  • Very beautiful experience.

    I think experiences like this can shift one’s view of life and I’m very happy you made those efforts to receive such an experience. I wish more people would have astral journeys like that.

    Btw. your comment to the spiritual being is not so strange at all I think 🙂 Sometimes I wonder ‘was that prayer strong enough to reach out?’ when I can’t really feel that fire at all times. But it seems they’re very adapt at knowing very well what’s going on inside of us and the efforts were making, maybe your earlier diligent practise also helped this experience to happen?

    • Thanks Karim. Yes I think that my efforts with the practises and strong drive to learn must have also helped me to have this experience. Slowly I’m realising that I need to be more consistent with practises and put in greater efforts if I want to see any results and have more opportunities to meet with spiritual beings.

  • What a wonderful experience, Elise. It was inspiring for me, just reading about it. Being in the presence of a divine being is a deeply moving, humbling, and elevating experience. And so nice to see those beings have a sense of humor, too! Your hard work in awareness and self-knowledge clearly paid off. Wishing you many more experiences like that!

  • I’m really glad you shared such a lovely experience – it brought a big smile to my face, just by imagining what you described. I’ve had some similar experiences like you where the light in the astral is exactly as you described, with the colors so vibrant – it feels as if everything is alive somehow. Thanks again, and best wishes to gain so many more 🙂

  • Sounds amazing and heart-warming Elise, thank you very much for sharing! A beautiful picture as well. 🙂

  • Thanks Elise for sharing sounds like a amazing experience, it just goes to show what we can achieve and the importance of the effort that is needed

  • What an inspiring experience Elise!

    Meeting a divine being in the astral is so inspiring and uplifting. Such a lovely experience you shared and you described it so nicely that I felt as though I was there with you both when I was reading it 🙂

    I hope you have many more experiences to teach you in what you need and seek to learn!

    • Thanks Layla, meeting a higher being in the astral really is something else! The memory of this experience has stayed with me over the years, it feels like such a gift.


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