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Divine Healing

Experience submitted by Tina

Most of my life I experienced some kind of ill health which was mainly orthopedic related but later on in my twenties I was diagnosed with a debilitating condition (called fibromyalgia) for which I was told that I will have it for the rest of my life. I was devastated and as the illness progressed physically my mental health was deteriorating as well.

The Learning Process

The only medications that were available for this condition were very strong painkillers and one type of antidepressant which in smaller doses was shown to help reduce the nerve pain, which together with extreme tiredness was the main symptom of this illness. I had to stop the nerve pain-relieving drug after just a few weeks as it caused my already affected cognition to deteriorate. The only drugs that I could take now were the very strong painkillers which I had to take often during the day so I was able to function to some point. Although most of the time during the period of about 10 years I was housebound or bedridden.


Over the most part of this period, I was searching for a way to heal naturally as conventional medicine had failed so far to treat these kinds of symptoms.

I also realised that the healing process is a lot more complex than what I first thought – it wasn’t just about what I thought, felt or ate. For the most part, it was about my ability to free myself from the cycles of pleasure and pain, to free myself from seeking comfort especially in what I ate. To free myself of these things would take a very long time so I realised that I needed a special kind of help that I couldn’t find here, in this dimension of living.


I prayed every day for a very long time – very sincerely and with a lot of faith that my every word was heard. At least it felt like that. I had learned this type of prayer from Belsebuub’s work.


Answers to my prayers came in all sorts of ways. The most powerful and memorable of all was in one of my dreams – I was lucid and lying on a bed surrounded by divine beings all dressed in white long robes floating in the air – they were all male beings and I realised that they were working on my healing. I woke up with a very good feeling and felt grateful for their divine help, but mostly amazed. Later on, I came across information that there existed divine beings of medicine and that we can pray to them for healing. Although I didn’t specifically pray to them, it was amazing that they answered my prayers in such a way.

I didn’t feel instantly healed, but what followed after I feel it was a result of that experience. Around that time I was experimenting with various dietary and natural medicine ways. The herbal medicine that I was taking worked only temporarily, so I kept looking at what was missing.

I realised that what was missing was the strength and determination to bypass my desire for comfort through food. Although I was already on a very strict diet by that time I didn’t want to let go of eating certain foods. That strength and determination were given to me by the divine, but above all I felt that they also prepared my body and mind for the physical process of healing. Also, I was able to recognise quite instantly what would help me and what wouldn’t – something that seems to be very important as one can get lost in all of the information that is offered in terms of natural healing.

* Featured image is a public domain image found on Unsplash.

  • I enjoyed reading your experience and that note about gratitude is so important … its something I would love to have in my heart, as well as appreciating all that I have, especially when going through difficult times.

    I’ve seen when I am grateful and I do appreciate what I have been given in my life that I am able to perceive the situation more harmoniously rather than agitated and worried.

    Thank you for sharing your healing experience and I wish you a full recovery 🙂

  • I am happy to have witnessed some of your process of healing. I was very impressed with your determination, willpower and clarity in what you need to do next. It also brought me a lot of happiness to see your improvement.

    I am also amazed by the experience you shared. It must have been a very uplifting one. Personally I can also see that there is prayer in the efforts I make towards better health. The prayer is natural every time that I make a sacrifice with the goal of getting better. The intensity of your prayer stands out though and I think will be very powerful to tap into.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for sharing this account of your journey from chronic illness to regaining your health Tina. It’s encouraging to read.

    I think you touched upon a number of important points and I agree that what we eat plays a big role in our overall health. It’s a pity that conventional medicine places so little emphasis on diet, as it’s common sense that putting the wrong foods in our body will lead to illness, in the same way that putting the wrong fuel into a car would impair its functioning. Yet although most drivers understand that they can’t just fill up their tank with mud and expect to complete their journey, we effectively do the same thing by attempting to fuel our cells with all sorts of processed and chemical-based foods that our body doesn’t know how to deal with.

    I agree the emotional aspect of eating can be a huge issue though. I recall reading that sugar is more addictive than cocaine, yet this is what we feed our children with before they can even talk. Then there are all the happy associations around birthday celebrations with cakes and sweets, treats in fast food restaurants, sweets being given as rewards for good behaviour, etc. It’s quite grotesque the way companies like McDonald’s exploit these links and use toys, cartoon characters, play areas etc. to get children hooked from a young age.

    The hidden drives that keep us hooked on unhealthy foods operate in a similar way to other addictions, like smoking, despite the negative health consequences being common knowledge. Logically people know that it’s bad for health, but the addiction is more powerful and sustains the habit.

    It’s good that you were able to recognise the emotional drives underpinning the cycle of pleasure and pain, which sustained your illness. Although it can seem almost impossible to break free of some of these drives, I’ve also found that it’s very achievable by using the techniques described by Belsebuub.

    I’ve personally found these techniques have also been essential in learning to deal with the effects of long-term illness, as the psychological impact of the type of illness you describe can be immense, particularly when conventional medicine doesn’t fully understand the causes of these illnesses and offers very little in terms of effective treatment.

    I agree that having intuition is also very important in healing. Although natural medicine offers a lot more than mainstream medicine, by seeking to identify the root causes of illness and remedy these, I agree that it can be easy to get lost in the amount of information that’s available, particularly if some aspects of it seem to contradict each other.

    I can imagine that gratitude you must have felt after being able to do ordinary things again without feeling pain or fatigue, or the many of other symptoms that are typical of the illness you described. It’s inspiring that despite conventional medicine dismissing the condition as incurable, you were able to break free of it and regain a normal level of function.

  • Thanks for passing on, even in this very summarised form, this journey of learning you went through, it must’ve been quite something! And I know that things one writes in hindsight in a few sentences can span whole ordeals of learning we go through at the time. So thanks very much for writing this, it’s incredibly useful to read.

    One of the amazing realisations you write about that stuck out to me is that there is a deeper purpose to these things. It is in itself a divine wonder to be helped to heal, because our physical body is our vehicle that we have to be in, and I can imagine that if it is in a chronically bad state it impacts our life and whole way we feel greatly. So when we’re healed, advised and guided in getting healthy again that feels like an absolutely amazing thing. But beyond getting better itself, the act of receiving help makes one aware of the existence of God and the mercy of the divine. This knowledge in itself is also a gift of faith to us. And even beyond that!, as you wisely say, it can also be part of the process for us to detach from our inner desires craving and clinging to matter – As well as detaching from the choking stress that is put on ourselves by our program of nature which is desperate to make us survive and choking us in stress.

    But there’s so much to say and learn. Thank you Tina and wishing you much focus and strength in your continued journey!!

  • Thank you for sharing this, Tina. That is such an incredible healing journey, especially with your dream of being healed by divine beings! It really shows how multidimensional our health is, and that forces are acting upon us beyond the physical.

    What foods we eat is seriously overlooked in modern medicine. I’m very glad that you were able to follow your intuition on what foods you should avoid and that you overcome your illness through the process. I’ve also found huge benefits to well-being by changing my diet, although for less severe symptoms.

    Your paragraph on gratitude really stands out. It is so easy to take our health for granted until we get an illness or an injury. But yes, even the simple things like being able to walk around and do daily activities is a great privilege, not a guarantee. It serves as an inspiration to make use of our health by being active in life and pursuing the development of consciousness, rather than wasting our precious time with mundane things.

  • Hi Tina,

    That dream with the spiritual beings sounds so beautiful, and healing on many levels. What you said about praying a lot and with faith was inspiring, as well as how you felt that they were working on it and preparing you. I feel like oftentimes I can get in the way of my own prayer, which can result in feelings like it isn’t working, and that lessens my efforts. Just hearing how you prayed for a very long time and with such a serious condition makes me inspired to ask more for help and healing.

    It’s also really interesting what you said that the key for your healing was actually psychological. This makes me realise that it’s something similar for me and related to taking an active approach to health and taking care of my physical body – thank you for providing this insight!

    Some important turning points of my healing journey have felt like unexpected gifts from the divine – I wasn’t looking for it but someone happened to mention the name of a healer, or recommended one to me. There was a strong feeling of guidance in those events as when I decided to book an appointment, things really got better, seemingly without my input. Though in the end it really requires a personal effort – they can only do so much for you and the rest has to come from within. There is a lot to reflect on how I could be standing in the way of my own healing and progress and what kind of attitudes, thoughts, feelings etc. contribute to it.

    Thanks for bringing this up and thank you for sharing this personal story – I’m really glad you are well now as I can relate in some ways what a big difference it makes in how you feel when the physical body is functioning normally.

    • Thanks for your comment Laura. I feel that underneath that experience of being ill we all have different psychological themes that we need to tackle. On the other hand, what also seems to be equally important is the right information because without it i would never get better. And in order to recognise the right information one should rely on good intuition. So from my experience i would say that its not just our psychology that needs attention but also our psychic aspect too. On the other hand, there are people who have been healed just by intensive praying. So maybe that is what they needed to overcome, the lost connection to the divine. I find all this very interesting and inspiring to read about other people’s healing journeys. Wishing you all the best for your healing process.

  • Thank you for sharing Tina, what an amazing experience! Witnessing those higher beings in white long robes floating in the air around you, healing your body, must have felt incredible… I guess especially after waking up and realising what had happened!

    It is also very encouraging to see that healing of even chronic and difficult conditions like this is possible with Divine help (of course combined with our own active efforts).

    Wishing you a lot of strength and thriving health always!


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