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Seeing a UFO in My Backyard

Mike L
Experience submitted by Mike L

Initial Sighting

One evening I was in my kitchen looking out the window into the backyard. Just above my neighbor’s house, I saw a spacecraft. It was the “classic” flying saucer shape; it had a band of bright yellow lights spanning its circumference and the body of the ship was a pale green alternating with a solid red.

And my first instinct was to run and grab my cell phone to take a picture or video of the UFO!

I quickly found my phone, but as I returned to the window it faded away and disappeared. I guessed the beings in the UFO didn’t want the publicity… I definitely don’t think this was an appropriate first reaction on my behalf and I felt a bit remorseful.

Perhaps sensing my remorse, the ship returned a few seconds later. And at this point, I ran to the back door so I could go outside and greet them! Without my phone…

A Brief Encounter

While the thought that this was in fact taking place in the astral plane never directly crossed my mind, I knew very well that I was in the astral plane – especially since I no longer lived in the house where the experience was taking place and the fact that many people seem to have encounters with extraterrestrials in the astral plane.

I made a symbolic gesture to the ship, trying to convey that I welcomed them in peace. The ship landed in the backyard. And a platform descended.

Although I hadn’t even met them yet, given that I knew the experience was taking place in the astral plane, where one is quite likely to encounter negative entities, I immediately began to use a protective recitation that Belsebuub describes in his Astral Codex book to dispel evil presences as a precaution, just to make sure I wouldn’t have an encounter with any negative entities posing as extraterrestrials.

Two beings came out of the ship, but I was surprised to see them dressed in armor! One of them even carried a sword in his/her hands (I couldn’t see their faces because of the helmets). I was very calm and had no fear. They walked slowly towards me.

I repeated my symbolic gesture just to break the ice – I didn’t really know what to say or do. One of them paused briefly and gave a gentle nod of the head, seemingly as a polite greeting or acknowledgment.

The experience did not last much longer as I started to lose my awareness of the present moment. I was speculating in my mind why one of them had a sword, and as my mind was getting caught up in thinking, my vision got blurrier and blurrier and I woke up.

Final Reflections

I found this to be an uplifting experience overall, but for me there was some uncertainty about what took place in the latter part of it. I can’t be certain that through the excitement of the event, that I applied the recitations as effectively as possible. In my mind there’s still a lingering concern the beings I met were not actually extraterrestrials, but negative beings in the astral trying to distract me from having a clear experience. A clear lesson I can take from this is taking greater care with the recitations in the future, to have no doubts.

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  • That’s a really interesting experience Mike; thanks for sharing it! I must admit, I initially thought you were describing an experience that took place in the physical dimension. That would have been amazing! 🙂

    It’s a pity that you had some doubts as to the nature of the beings at the end, due to a lack of clarity. But you also learnt a useful lesson about the need to be focussed when applying the recitations.

  • Hi Mike, what a nice, almost physical-like encounter! Pity you lost it at the end, but what can one do, right? :-O As you said, maybe trying to be really focused on the recitations in order to be sure you have “cleaned the air” properly would give you more confidence and focus to interact with them properly.

    On another note, regarding their armor-like outfit, just recently I re-read one book of a spiritual author who talks about meeting with the inhabitants of the planet Mars (in the astral plane), and he describes them as being dressed in armor, even wearing helmets, to signify that they see themselves as the warriors against the forces of evil. He also mentions their outfits have a bronze-like appearance. Anyway, just thought I would mention it, as it stood out to me when I read your account, just few days after I was re-reading that book. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring experience, and wishing you many more!


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