Below is a collection of articles, books, videos, and interviews on mystical experiences from spiritual author Mark Pritchard (Belsebuub) that we have put together for more information. Click here to read an overview about Belsebuub’s work with mystical experiences.


Gazing into the Eternal

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Gazing into the Eternal is a collection of a number of Belsebuub’s talks providing an introduction to spiritual knowledge. It tackles fundamental topics such as what happens when we die, is it possible to have the divine within, what are the causes of suffering, and how can spiritual realities be personally explored.

From the book: “Profound spiritual knowledge and inner transformation requires that it be the primary goal of one’s life for it to succeed. If it’s a superficial interest or a hobby, then it will either give only a tiny amount of spiritual experience in one area or another, or nothing at all.” ~ Belsebuub

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The Awakening of Perception

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The Awakening of Perception is a collection of over forty articles by Belsebuub covering all sorts of intriguing spiritual topics, such as out-of-body experiences, the supernatural influence behind world events, whether there is a global awakening happening today, near-death experiences, dreams, ancient spiritual knowledge, the awakening of consciousness, sacred sexuality, self-knowledge, the process of enlightenment, what’s crucial to world change, and much more.

From the book: “The awakening journey of consciousness is essential for any in-depth experience of the mystical and esoteric.” ~ Belsebuub

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The Astral Codex

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The Astral Codex by Belsebuub takes a practical and down-to-earth approach to exploring out-of-body experiences, how to get around the astral plane and what you can come across there, how it fits into the overall structure of life, and how one can use it to develop spiritually.

From the book: “Many paranormal phenomena such as hauntings and ghosts are fifth-dimensional, and yet affect the three-dimensional world. The most accurate way to discover their source is to astral project and actually go to the source itself. Paranormal researchers would do well to include astral projection as part of their tool kit.” ~ Belsebuub

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Videos and Interviews

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