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Experiencing Telepathy through a Mantra Exercise

Learning about Mantra Meditation

Experience submitted by Jenny Belikov

I first learned about mantras at a course on self-knowledge by Belsebuub some years ago. In retrospect, of course I was previously familiar with the classic mantra OM for instance, but being the typical Westerner that I am, I didn’t really understand what mantras were exactly or how they could be used.

I started practicing some basic mantras regularly. They became my favorite meditative exercise. Somehow through doing them I really enjoyed the experience of the different sensations I experienced, and the different outcomes.

For instance, being able to experience small elements of telepathy after doing a mantra or getting strong currents of intuitive hunches were all things that sort of fascinated me.

Also the differences between trying out different mantras were interesting — I wasn’t sure if what I was feeling was just the result of singing anything or if each sound did in fact have some kind of power. I found the latter to be true in many of my little meditation experiments.

Exploring Belsebuub’s Approach to Mantras and the Power of Sound

The first time I was able to experience telepathy as a result of doing a mantra was at a group retreat in 2007. We did an exercise / a mini-experiment suggested to the organizers of that retreat by Belsebuub to investigate the connection between mantras and higher faculties.

Everyone present chanted the mantra U for some time, focusing on the sounds and the vibrations of the mantra. I remember feeling this intense and peaceful concentration going around the room as we sang this mantra – it was so surprisingly pleasant and powerful that it was hard not to be focused.

The shape that I had prominently seen mentally upon completing the group mantra exercise for exploring the connection between sound and higher faculties. Public domain image found here.
The shape that I had prominently seen mentally upon completing the group mantra exercise for exploring the connection between sound and higher faculties. (Public domain image found here)

Prior to the practice, one individual was asked to pick a shape and a colour and draw it on a piece of paper. When we finished chanting the mantra he began focusing on visualizing that shape and we had to remain still and silent and see if we could pick up on what he was visualizing. I recall clearly seeing a mental image of a colorful geometric shape. Then other mental images began to come in – particularly of another geometric shape of a different color.

When this exercise was over we were asked what the shape we had seen was — we were not expected to answer out loud, just to decide internally. I was a bit conflicted since I had seen two images, but I decided to go with the first one since it was more powerful and since it came to me first.

Then the person pulled out the piece of paper with the drawing — I was amazed to see the very shape and color that I had mentally seen upon completing the mantra. I was surprised though to then hear that there were at least 8-10 others present who had seen the same thing as a result of focusing on this mantra and then being able to pick up on the thoughts of the person visualizing.

What was even more interesting was that amongst the people that didn’t get the image right, many of them thought it was the second image I had seen, and I thought it was incredible how thoughts can fly around the room, and how easily they can influence us, such that the people thinking of the second shape were able to influence so many others in the room via their thoughts.

That experience made me ponder the power of collective thought in general, and how we are influenced by and in turn influence the thoughts of those around us in our daily lives.

Later on I was able to replicate this same experiment on several occasions with different groups of people, including some who learned the mantra for the first time. We would sing it together for some time and then I would visualize a shape I had pre-selected and drew on a card and see how many people could pick up on what the shape was. The experiment results were always impressive to me, with at least a third of those present being able to identify the shape correctly.

Another Experiment with Exploring Higher Faculties

On one occasion, inspired by the investigative approach with the previously described little experiment, we decided to try another angle to explore the effect of sound and mantra exercises and came up with an experiment of our own.

We practiced a different mantra related to telepathy and clairvoyance in a small group while on a small retreat. The practice was long, but somehow I felt very rejuvenated singing the mantra in that group environment and was able to concentrate on the meditation exercise more than usual.

After we finished singing the mantra, one person hid a mystery object (which turned out to be a tiny sea shell) in another room and we went into it with the aim of trying to figure out where the object was hidden. The person who hid it concentrated mentally on the location where they placed the object.

I didn’t know what the object was, only that it was something small, nor where it would be hidden obviously, but I remember vividly coming down the stairs into that room and turning to search in one location when I suddenly got a strong mental image of the tiny shell and where it was (hidden on a piano behind some books on the opposite side of the room), I did a 360 and walked straight to where I thought the object was and was able to locate it with ease to the person’s surprise.


While these types of experiments are obviously not the main objective of practising mantras or spiritual exercises in general, they were very helpful for me at the time in learning to “listen” to my inner faculties and identify how to tap into them or pay attention to them.

It was also great to conduct these mini experiments, which were physically verifiable in a group setting, so as to ascertain that there really was something to these higher senses and that it was not just a figment of my imagination or wishful thinking. It was a rare experience to have a bit of physical proof of something that is non-physical.

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  • Nice experiments with telepathy there Jenny! For me now it’s become quite common to notice that thoughts are shared between my husband and I. Who they originate from I’m not sure, but I’ll often be thinking of something and he’ll say something related. I really love mantra U, maybe as it seems to sooth the emotional centre which is always under bombardment!

  • It’s really heartwarming to hear how you explored mantras with a group of friends. I first learned and practiced mantras with Belsebuub’s online courses. The main thing I noticed was how they could calm and focus my mind on what is important, sort of cutting out the mundane chatter. I also enjoyed exploring the different mantras to see their effects, and remember having experiences of polyvision (seeing into other dimensions) on several occasions.

  • Nice description of those experiments Jenny.

    I can certainly relate to what you’re saying at ‘learning about mantra meditation.’ When I learned about mantras and how to use them (from an earlier version of the Astral Codex) I was also very keen to explore and see the effects of higher faculties and the things I would feel inside. Sometimes when regularly doing mantra O, I had these intuitive knocks, but I wasn’t quite sure if that was the intuition spoken about by Belsebuub. But because I could see that what the intuitive knocks were telling me was coming true, I started to know how intuition worked. It’s really useful! and is even there to help us with little things in life. Sometimes though when I question an intuitive moment too much with my mind’s reasoning and it doesn’t make logical sense and I consequently don’t follow its advice it always ends up less beneficial for me. So best to trust it!

    Telepathy is also very interesting! One thing I noticed is that the ability of seeing ego states in other people, due to knowledge of our own ego states, sometimes almost transcends a normal observation and we can ‘know’ what others are thinking.

    • I definitely never thought to actively pay attention and learn to value intuition until reading about it in conjunction with the mantra O as well. But now that I think about it, it’s really something that should be very natural (intuitive? 😄 ).

  • Hi Jenny,
    I remember that experiment at the retreat! That was the first time we met as well 🙂
    Well, what can I say, I know I was one of the people who got the color wrong – hehehe 😉 But, it was really neat to see how about half the room got the color and shape right, and the other half of the room got the wrong color but the shape right. I remember we joked that whoever was sending the other color was pretty good at telepathy.
    And, I felt the same. that little experiment gave me a similar understanding that we do have higher spiritual senses / faculties (though so atrophied nowadays) as well as giving me a sense of tangibility to something that is unseen. Well, really nice to read your neat experience! Thanks for that.

    • Hehe. Yes, I recall the orange / yellow controversy 😉 What an amazing retreat that was though. I had experienced so much new while there, and also it was the first time I met a lot of people — like yourself, Jon, etc. 🙂 Ah, the good old days! 😀

      • “That experience made me ponder the power of collective thought in general, and how we are influenced by and in turn influence the thoughts of those around us in our daily lives.”

        A very good point Jenny – it’s made me reflect on that as well!


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