Experience submitted by Sofios

Experience submitted by Sofios

I was with a few people getting ready to do a heart concentration practice. The aim was to simply feel the heart beats throughout the body.

I had learnt this technique from doing Belsebuub’s courses many years ago. I find his techniques simple to follow and have had profound outcomes or experiences from them. I recall this particular experience as it was different to any other that I had done in the past.

From doing this practice I have found that it is important to be comfortable, in a position where my body would not want to move during the practice. I decided to lay on my back with a pillow under my head.

As it was evening, I was also aware that I could fall asleep during such a practice, which meant that I would not get the full benefit of the practice if I did so without being conscious. So I made a concentrated effort to focus on the heart beats more intently during this practice. I also asked for help and guidance from my Divine Mother for the practice, which is something else I have learnt to do in Belsebuub’s work.

I have done this type of practice many times before but this one felt somewhat different. The person guiding the practice went through a thorough relaxation, which helped me a great deal to feel very relaxed for the whole practice.

The more I relaxed and asked for my body to relax itself, the more I noticed that tension was melting away and my mind was able to let go of any thoughts with ease. It felt as though I was fully concentrated and focused without tension and without thoughts.

Once fully relaxed, I got into the heart concentration practice. I focused my attention on the heart beats. There was a rhythm to them. I slowly felt a peacefulness overcome me like never before. It also felt as though each part of my body was ‘switching off’ with the relaxation.

I could feel this gradual astral split and transition from my physical body into my astral body as the practice continued. It got to the point where I could no longer feel my physical body as though in essence I had no physical body. This moment was profound as I got to feel what it was like to be separate from any thoughts, feelings, emotions or sense of having a body.

As this happened my heart beats got stronger and stronger, louder and louder. I recall thinking ‘I wonder if I am disturbing anyone else around me with the sound of my heartbeats?’

I noticed that, at this point, I was really at peace. I felt that time was non-existent, that only ‘now’ existed, and it was so easy to simply BE in that mode (this sense is really beyond words but I am sure you can relate to my experience). The stress of life’s pressures just didn’t exist and I never wanted this moment to end. I felt the help that I asked for was here showing me what is possible. This special experience has stayed with me and it has stood out over time.