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Visiting an Astral School of Higher Learning

Experience Submitted by Lucia Beznik

On one special occasion in the astral I found out that in addition to the temples of light and the temples of darkness, there also exist more accessible and practical schools in the astral plane, where people of different grades study different subjects similarly to our earthly schools, but on a different level.

That morning I woke up earlier than usual and felt like my body still needed some rest. However, since my mind was well awake and clear, and knowing I needed more rest, I decided to focus on my heart beats, a technique I learned on Belsebuub’s courses to fall asleep consciously.

With my body being tired, I soon started to feel the familiar sensations of my body becoming pleasantly numb and sleepy. Shortly after that, I became aware of lying on my bed in the astral plane, as the atmosphere in the room changed and there were also some entities around me, holding me, pressing me, and blocking me from moving.

I started doing the Bellilin recitation for dispelling negativity, but found myself in a dream shortly after that, trying to astral project. Unaware that I was already in the astral, I started focusing on my heart again in order to astral project while at the same time pronouncing the Bellilin recitation again.

As I was singing this recitation, I found out that at some points I could hear my voice and at some points I could not. This made me realise that I was in the astral plane again and so I got up from my astral bed and started walking while still singing the recitation.

I must have done about 6 rounds of this recitation when I suddenly found myself in a bright landscape with a beautiful blue sky, white clouds and a green grass that was so high that made me think for a split of a second that I may have suddenly turned into an elemental. 🙂

Aware that I was finally free from any negative influences, I didn’t want to waste my time and asked to be taken somewhere to learn.

Immediately, I felt myself being pulled by a rapid speed. When the speed slowed down, I could see I was approaching a school courtyard. For a moment, I could feel myself fading and the scenery disappearing, but gathered all my willpower of that moment to focus strongly on the scenery and shortly after that found myself inside of a big school.

Photo by Delfi del la Rua on Unsplash. (Image has been modified)

I entered the closest classroom I could see and sat in the front bench where was still an available space. The classroom was a smaller size, with about 10 students in it and a teacher behind the desk who immediately told me that I needed to leave.

I felt an emotion of self-pity wanting to dominate me, but remembered a similar occasion from the physical world that helped me to not take it personally, and just peacefully get up and start walking towards the door.

When I reached the door, the teacher stopped me and we started talking. I asked her what were the requirements for attending this school/classes, and she told me that a student must be able to consciously attend a certain compulsory number of hours for a quarter/semester, and that they haven’t changed it for quite a while.

The number didn’t seem to be too high to me when she said it, but looking back I can see that it is very demanding for people today because of the length of the conscious stay in the astral plane.

After this brief talk, I became aware of another student standing next to me, and for some reason I started counting how many students were in the class.

At first it seemed like there were less than 10 students, but then I noticed that I forgot to count the first bench, so I counted again and this time I counted more than 10, as I included some sort of paper coulisse that was there, thinking it was a person.

Originally looking like an easy job, it was very challenging to get the numbers right! Finally, I settled on a number I thought was correct and started explaining to the teacher why I made those mistakes.

After that, I walked out of the classroom, looking for the bathrooms. I walked to the end of the corridor, where I stumbled upon another group of people doing something behind desks. I didn’t want to disturb them, so I turned in different direction, when suddenly a girl from the group run after me and invited me to join them if I wanted.

Public domain image found on Pixabay. (image has been modified)

So I came back and became aware of a long desk where people were taught something about drawing. Seeing one free chair, I asked the closest person if it was free and he replied that it was, but seemed to be in some kind of “drunk” state, speaking in an overly jovial manner. I understood that I was most likely not the only one who kept losing the scenery and coming back.

After a short time where I must have fallen into a dream state, I again became aware in the astral and I found myself walking in the school corridor again, with many different students passing by.

Excited that I was still in the school and how real it was, I stopped one serious-looking student and asked him eagerly “Excuse me, can I ask you – is this a really, really real astral school for people interested in higher learning?”  The student stopped and solemnly nodded in agreement.

His whole appearance irradiated profound seriousness and he was dressed in what I later understood may have been a symbolic representation of what he was going through either in physical world or in his inner work.

Excited that I was in a ‘really, really real astral school’ I joyfully flew along the corridor and then down the stairs, where there was a students’ canteen. I flew inside and started exploring what kind of food they served there, only to wake up soon after that.

  • What a very nice experience to share Lucia! How inspiring! I’ve lately not felt a real push towards the astral, as other aspects of my inner work seem more important and my dream recall and learning is not bad. But this really helped create some push inside me.

    I’ve definitely been in similar schools before, consciously and in vivid dreams. And I always awake to find a deeper sense of fulfillment in life, as if I was able to leverage learning new things whilst my body slept and exploring another dimension of life and learning.

    You tell your experiences very graciously and they are funny and genuine. I had to laugh when you said you left to go to the bathroom, because I can remember countless times of being in the astral in crucial learning environments when I decided I needed to go and find a bathroom ;-( LOL!

    • Hahaha! Andrew — such inopportune timing. Wonder if there’s a way to train yourself out of that while in the physical… Nothing I’m coming up with seems like it’d be good to follow through :p

    • Ha ha, that’s funny Andrew that you are experiencing the same. I am wondering if it could possibly have a symbolic meaning, at least on some occasions, like in the sense of wanting to get rid of the inner defects… Sometimes in my clear dreams it does feel this way, while the other times it is just an ego manifesting that likes to check my hair in the mirror, etc., similarly to the physical.

  • What a wonderful experience Lucia. It’s quite amazing that you were able to hang on to the experience for so long.

    It’s amazing that there are these special places in the astral and that, given sufficient effort, we are able to visit these special places of learning.

    I think it’s interesting that when you got to the canteen that you woke up. I don’t recall ever eating in the astral or a dream!

    Thanks for inspiring us.

    • That’s interesting Sue. I seem to deal with food in the astral quite often, maybe because I am into cooking/eating stuff in physical too. 🙂

      I have seen some ‘astral restaurants’ in the astral plane too, one of them being on the top of a high building, and as I was flying around the people who were sitting behind their tables there, they looked up and I thought they must have been thinking something like “oh, another one of those that just became conscious here, hopefully she won’t land on our dishes”. 😀

      • LOL, Lucia, “hopefully she won’t land on our dishes.”

        Astral restaurants are intriguing. I’ve certainly heard of them, but haven’t visited them (consciously) in any experiences. I wonder why our astral body needs food to begin with. Your experience just brings up so many questions!

  • That is an incredibly inspiring and revealing experience, Lucia.
    Thanks very much for sharing that. Reading this has arrived at a very opportune time for me.

    so much to look into and to explore.


  • This was so inspiring to read Lucia! I can imagine you must have felt very uplifted and inspired by this experience. It might sound a bit far out for people to be able to visit schools in the astral plane, but like you said, it takes quite a bit of concentration and awareness for a certain period of time to be able to stay long enough over there, let alone sit through an entire lecture. I hope you can improve and one day be able to join a lecture at the school. Perhaps on healthy cooking 🙂

    I found that it’s not that hard to wake up in dreams, especially when you dedicate yourself to having an experience and practice. When waking up in the astral I too found that it’s easy to lose clarity due to excitement or a lack of concentration. When looking back at these moments and when I lose it, I notice that same inner state that made me lose the experience shows up throughout the day. Persevering and in a way declaring a war against this obstacle has helped me to stay conscious longer over there and have more meaningful experiences.

  • I really enjoyed reading your astral school experience, Lucia.
    What stood out to me was when you realised that one of the students was also having trouble staying conscious. It seems that the school is some kind of a higher primary school where probably most of us can attend.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Thanks for sharing that experience Lucia. It sounds particularly memorable and must have come as a real boost for you to have experienced a “really, really real astral school!” 🙂

  • Amazing experience Lucia! Makes me think there is a very good reason not to force myself out of bed in the morning. 🙂

    There were so many interesting things in your story – especially those internal requirements being enforced, and the realisation that there could be so much more available as our capacity grows; so much more than we can even fathom now. It also makes me reflect on how long I can maintain conscious awareness … I really see I’d be an impossible student at the moment.

    Interesting how that man’s ‘seriousness’ stood out to you and was like a magnet that made you to him to ask your (funny) question, and that he wore symbolic clothes. Also the way the other man appeared overly elated / drunk-like (maybe he’d just been admitted and was excited – I think that’s how I’d be!)

    Thanks so much for sharing – it brings a lot to ponder on.

  • Ha! That really made me laugh about your fleeting thought of possibly having turned into an elemental. Cute.

    Very exciting experience to read, Lucia. I appreciated how everyone you interacted with appeared to be helpful. Like the teacher – even though you weren’t supposed to be there, she still took care to explain to you why and what was required to be in that classroom. And with that girl running after you to say you could join them – how welcoming 🙂

    I do agree with the last of what you said as well. Knowing about it and experiencing it for yourself gives such a magic to life that’s really difficult to impart to others. I do wish this was a more popular subject in this age – the things we could discover! if more individuals were inclined to explore beyond the mundane.

    I wish you and all others here much higher learning in time to come <3

    • It is interesting what you pointed out Zorana – they were all very helpful and polite indeed! It seems to be a sign of spiritually advanced people, and something to strive towards…

  • Wow! Wow, wow, wow! What a wonderful experience, Lucia. That’s incredible to imagine attending a school in the astral plane! Just reading that fills me with an eagerness towards the astral.

    You really got to explore that school thoroughly. Thank you for sharing this. That’s really cool and this inspiration is just what I needed.

    A few questions come to mind, if you don’t mind sharing:

    – Do you think everyone there was a real person here on earth doing the inner work? Or maybe some were symbolic representations of people or people from other planets?
    – Was it a one time visit or have you had dreams or other experiences that brought you back there?

    • Hi Mike,

      I only saw a few of the students in detail, and they all looked pretty much like us. As I replied to Geraldine, my guess would be that they may have been people from other planets as well though. I still remember an experience of one person who took Belsebuub’s online Astral course with me years ago, and there she shared how she got into the astral and met about 14-years-old boy who said to her it was his first time “out”. When she said she was from Earth, he was surprised and said that he thought people on our planet were not able to astral project, to which she replied that we indeed were! (improving our reputation there 🙂 ). So it would look to me like its not unlikely to meet the beings/people from the other planets out there.

      Otherwise I also had a thought that maybe it is also possible to visit some ‘classes” from schools like this in clear dreams, especially if we engage in activities that may bring us there. Recently for example, I found myself in a drawing class, shortly after I did something related to it in the physical dimension. Even though a dream, it had a sense of reality to it and I woke up shortly afterwards.

      But I haven’t had any other astral experiences that would bring me consciously back to this type of school unfortunately.

      • LOL, that’s funny but sad that as earthlings we have that sort of reputation… Glad you and your friend are able to represent earth on those astral experiences, setting the record straight!
        That’s interesting how your activity in the day may have brought you to an astral class, too. So many mysteries out there…

  • Hi Lucia,
    What an amazing, inspiring and motivating experience you just shared here! It must have just been amazing really to have such a long experience and to realize what an amazing worlds exists and are within reach to know about, and are there for everyone! It was really neat to hear as well how the school was busy with activity – it made me wonder, are these all people from our time, our planet? Or could it have been a ‘university’ that people from other worlds around us could also attend? Many questions really – but so glad you’ve shared it here 🙂

    • Hi Geraldine,

      I have been wondering about that too – if all those people are from our planet, or maybe from other ones as well, since it is a different dimension and anybody can come. My guess would be they are also people from other planets, simply because it does not seem to me like there would be so many people on this Earth being seriously interested in esoteric teachings, and also conscious enough to receive the guidance in such a school. Also from some well-known contacts with extraterrestrials it looks like many of them look like us, or even sometimes mingle with the people on Earh.

      But having said that, maybe there is also a possibility that some people visit there in dreams. Like those dreams where we find ourselves in a classroom of some kind and we are taught some things or work on some projects, maybe some of those are also taking place in schools like this, who knows…

  • That must’ve been an inspiring experience and realisation Lucia 🙂

    It’s so cool to think that life just has so many more levels of…. life to experience. It reminds me a bit of this experience of Belsebuub as well that I read recently, although that’s about a different dimension. But it’s amazing to get glimpses that there’s these whole other worlds going on that we don’t know of. Due to our own level of consciousness and psyche in the astral we might mistake it for a vague-ish realm, but raising our inner level will allow us to experience it as real as this world at some point I guess.

    Your story (maybe the photo added to it) also reminds me a bit of Hogwarts 😉 Even though there was no mention of you seeing any PE classes on brooms 🙂

    But all joking aside, life is magical. Who would’ve thought! and yet it is. And it opens up to us with the inner work of transformation.

    It also seems that even though you perhaps didn’t quite deserve to attend that school, yet, that the people there were still reaching out to you due to your sincere interest to learn what was going on.

  • Lucia, I read your story like the kids are listening to their grandparent’s stories and I really enjoyed it 😀

    Also, it reminded me something of Harry Potter movies, especially looking at the featured image and imaging you flying to the canteen 🙂
    Thank you for sharing it, even being experienced by someone else is giving me this inspiration and magic feeling of being conscious in the astral.

    And I’ll keep as a practical tip the 6 times of Belilin 🙂

    Btw is this a real post I’m reading…??

  • Thank you, Lucia, for sharing this lovely experience. It makes me feel that maybe we’re not too far away from being able to attend a school like that in the astral. And yet, like you said, it would still take a lot of work since we can only be conscious for a short amount of time. Your experience inspires me to work harder on being more conscious during the day. It would be amazing to attend classes at an astral school of higher learning.

    I wonder what kind of food they had there? 🙂

    And did you learn something from the drawing class? Not that you have to share it here, but I’m just curious if you remember what they taught there.

    • Hi Anne,

      Nope, I don’t remember much more than what I have shared. 🙂
      When I came to the drawing class, I was already getting a bit dreamy, and shortly after I asked that one guy for a place to sit, I lost my awareness and fell into dreaming. Then when I regained my awareness again, I met that serious student and then flew to the canteen to explore the food, but don’t remember any as I woke up shortly after that. I have been into what looked like “school canteens” before though, in some of my clear dreams, and they just served similar food from the physical dimension. The amount of it, if I got it or came late, etc…, may have had a symbolic meaning though.


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