Experience Submitted by Lucia Beznik

Thanks to studying and practicing Belsebuub’s work, I got to verify that there indeed exist special places in the astral plane where it is possible to learn different things.

One one special occasion, I found that in addition to the temples of light and the temples of darkness, there also exist more accessible and practical schools in the astral plane, where people of different grades study different subjects similarly to our earthly schools, but on a different level.

That morning I woke up earlier than usual and felt like my body still needed some rest. However, since my mind was well awake and clear, and knowing I needed more rest, I decided to focus on my heart beats, a technique I learned on Belsebuub’s courses and fall asleep consciously.

With my body being tired, I soon started to feel the familiar sensations of my body becoming pleasantly numb and sleepy. Shortly after that, I became aware of lying on my bed in the astral plane, as the atmosphere in the room changed and there were also some entities around me, holding me, pressing me, and blocking me from moving.

I started doing the Bellilin recitation for dispelling negativity, but found myself in a dream shortly after that, trying to astral project. Unaware that I was already in the astral, I started focusing on my heart again in order to astral project while at the same time pronouncing the Bellilin recitation again.

As I was singing this recitation, I found out that at some points I could hear my voice and at some points I could not. This made me realise that I was in the astral plane again and so I got up from my astral bed and started walking while still singing the recitation.

I must have done about 6 rounds of this recitation when I suddenly found myself in a bright landscape with beautiful blue sky, white clouds and a green grass that was so high that made me think for a split of a second that I may have suddenly turned into an elemental. 🙂

Aware that I was finally free from any negative influences, I didn’t want to waste my time and asked to be taken somewhere to learn.

Immediately, I felt myself being pulled by a rapid speed. When the speed slowed down, I could see I was approaching a school courtyard. For a moment, I could feel myself fading and the scenery disappearing, but gathered all my willpower of that moment to focus strongly on the scenery and shortly after that found myself inside of a big school.

Photo by Delfi del la Rua on Unsplash. (Image has been modified)

I entered the closest classroom I could see and sat in the front bench where was still an available space. The classroom was a smaller size, with about 10 students in it and a teacher behind the desk who immediately told me that I needed to leave.

I felt an emotion of self-pity wanting to dominate me, but remembered a similar occasion from the physical world that helped me to not take it personally, and just peacefully get up and start walking towards the door.

When I reached the door, the teacher stopped me and we started talking. I asked her what were the requirements for attending this school/classes, and she told me that a student must be able to consciously attend a certain compulsory number of hours for a quarter/semester, and that they haven’t changed it for quite a while.

The number didn’t seem to be too high to me when she said it, but looking back I can see that it is very demanding for people today because of the length of the conscious stay in the astral plane.

After this brief talk, I became aware of another student standing next to me, and for some reason I started counting how many students were in the class.

At first it seemed like there were less than 10 students, but then I noticed that I forgot to count the first bench, so I counted again and this time I counted more than 10, as I included some sort of paper coulisse that was there, thinking it was a person.

Originally looking like an easy job, it was very challenging to get the numbers right! Finally, I settled on a number I thought was correct and started explaining to the teacher why I made those mistakes.

After that, I walked out of the classroom, looking for the bathrooms. I walked to the end of the corridor, where I stumbled upon another group of people doing something behind desks. I didn’t want to disturb them, so I turned in different direction, when suddenly a girl from the group run after me and invited me to join them if I wanted.

Public domain image found on Pixabay. (image has been modified)

So I came back and became aware of a long desk where people were taught something about drawing. Seeing one free chair, I asked the closest person if it was free and he replied that it was, but seemed to be in some kind of “drunk” state, speaking in an overly jovial manner. I understood that I was most likely not the only one who kept losing the scenery and coming back.

After a short time where I must have fallen into a dream state, I again became aware in the astral and I found myself walking in the school corridor again, with many different students passing by.

Excited that I was still in the school and how real it was, I stopped one serious-looking student and asked him eagerly “Excuse me, can I ask you – is this a really, really real astral school for people interested in higher learning?”  The student stopped and solemnly nodded in agreement.

His whole appearance irradiated profound seriousness and he was dressed in what I later understood may have been a symbolic representation of what he was going through either in physical world or in his inner work.

Excited that I was in a ‘really, really real astral school’ I joyfully flew along the corridor and then down the stairs, where there was a students’ canteen. I flew inside and started exploring what kind of food they served there, only to wake up soon after that.

This experience left me in awe after waking up, as it made me aware of how just real and active the life in the astral plane is, how it is really just another dimension of life where one can study, live and learn new things, and how sad it is that most people on Earth don’t know about it.